Kourtney Kardashian Hints About Kylie Lip Kits

Fans are totally stoked about the next generation or "Season 2" of Kylie Lip Kits ever since the reality star teased the new, pretty pink Posie K shade from her forthcoming Valentine's Day range. Well, Kylie Jenner's big sister Kourtney Kardashian hinted about the restock of original Kylie Lip Kits in a big way via a simple and sexy Instagram photo. Kardashian also joked that she finally got around to trying the suede-like, liquid lipstick created by her youngest sister and which sold out immediately upon the initial launch and the sole restock. The Lip Kits earned instant "kult" status and it's better late than never for the eldest Kardashian sister and mom of three to plump her pout.

Kim Kardashian already plumped her lips with the Kylie Lip Kit on her app and Khloe Kardashian also slicked her kisser with Candy K, the pinky x peach neutral from the first trio of shades. Kourt hopped on the Lip Kit train and is an equally supportive and glam big sis, noting that she is "obsessed" with the product.

She promoted another restock of the original trio of colors disguised as encouragement for fans when she said "Will be available very soon if you guys missed out."

There it is! "Very soon."

While Kardashian's photo is a bit dark, thanks to the filter and/or the time she took this picture, you can see the signature, velvety, and matte texture of her lips, courtesy of the Lip Kit. It looks like she is rocking Dolce K, which is the nude neutral shade. Kardashian pretty much joked that this is her "OMG! Finally!" face but it also looks like she is yawning. But you know what? Kylie Lip Kits drench the pucker in rich, matte color and they make the yawn face or the "Obsessed With It" face look damn good.

That's Dolce K on the left. That's what Kardashian appears to be wearing. Her lippies don't look light or dark enough to be Candy K or True Brown K.

Let's further dissect her hint of "very soon." While it doesn't offer a concrete date for a restock, it's still more information that gets my hopes up. Since Posie K is part of Jenner's upcoming Valentine's Day Lip Kits, which will be comprised of three colors, we can safely assume that the new KLKs will be available before the end of January. If she is going to launch new shades, it would make sense, from a production and manufacturing standpoint, to restock the "classic" shades at the same time.

Also, it would be wise for her to increase production, since fans have expressed frustration about Kylie Lip Kits being difficult to obtain. Keeping customers happy is critical at this phase, since the product has already achieved a cult status and excitement has been fevered. Now it's time to super-serve the consumer. And yes, that's partly my wishful thinking and wishful makeupping, to borrow a phrase from Pretty in Pink.

Whatever the case, it'll be a retail lip bonanza.

Based on the eldest Kardashian's "very soon" tip and educated guesses about manufacturing and shipping, I am going to expect new and "old" Kylie Lip Kits before Feb. 1. Let's hope I am right, Lip Kit koveteurs!

Images: Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram (1); Lip Kit by Kylie/Instagram (2)