People Share What It's Like To Witness Death

You might want to grab some tissues before you watch this video on what it's like to witness death. BuzzFeed got some of their staff to tell the harrowing stories of when they witnessed death. Some of the people interviewed tell about losing a grandparent, and others are yet more traumatic, like watching a best friend die at the age of fifteen. Most people have lost someone, and those who haven't yet, sadly, some day will. But not everyone has watched someone they love actually die, which seems to be a terrible thing to experience.

While many of the people interviewed had awful experiences as children, watching their friends depart this mortal coil, some others were able to find comfort in watching their grandparents pass. As terrible as death can be, it seems it can also be quite beautiful and touching too. For someone who hasn't experienced death firsthand, it's also eye opening to hear accounts of what it's like to watch a loved one pass away. It seems to have taught everyone their own lesson, and affected everyone in deep and profound ways that stayed with them well into adulthood and probably for the rest of their lives. Here's some of what the people had to say about witnessing death...

1. There's An Emptiness

One woman told of how, when her best friend died, there was nothing but emptiness inside her. This it the point where I really lost it, so consider yourself forewarned about the emotional nature of this video.

2. It Changes You

The woman who tells the story of watching her friend's little brother die when they were children reveals that the experience not only shook her, but shaped her, something that seems to come through in the stories of all the interviewees.

3. It Can Be Relieving

One guy watched his grandfather pass away, and describes it as relieving, in its own way. He'd had an brain injury and had been unconscious and having seizures for a week, so knowing that he wouldn't be suffering in the long term, or that his family wouldn't be holding onto false hope that he would miraculously recover, were comforting. I think that's something many people can relate to when seeing people they love pass through sickness and knowing that they'll be finally at peace.

4. It Can Also Be Beautiful In Its Own Way

Another woman watched her grandfather pass, and while it was sad, it also bought her bickering family together, and caused them to reconcile, which gave the loss a certain poignant beauty.

Watch the video below, but be warned, it's going to make you feel things (and might be very triggering if you've had a similar experience yourself):

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