Who Is Melissa Heholt? J. Cole's Wife Is An Impressive Woman


If you thought that there were too many celebrity divorces this past year, allow 2016 to tell a different kind of story. In a January 2016 interview, movie director Ryan Coogler inadvertently revealed that J. Cole is married to one Melissa Heholt. Who is Melissa Heholt, you ask? You know, the woman with whom Cole is going to break the failed celebrity marriage spell? Before we take a deeper look at Cole's very successful wife, the way the marriage was introduced to the public eye deserves some attention.

When I say Coogler "inadvertently" exposed J. Cole's marriage, I really mean it. In the interview, the Creed director asked the rapper how getting married "changed" him, realized his slip-up, and apologized by saying he'd never interviewed anyone before. Cole, who is an exceedingly good sport, responded, "That was like one thing to not do. But it's all good... They know now."

The couple have kept their lives relatively private over the years, but if one thing is for sure, it's that the Cole-Heholt family is made up of two very successful and ambitious partners. Here's some more info about the new bride.

1. She's Very Private

To be frank here folks, there is not a ton of information about Heholt out there. And it's probably because she likes it that way, which you've got to respect. The pair seem to keep their relationship low-key (see: story above), but that doesn't mean that it's any less special.

We do know that the private couple are expecting their second child, as of July 2019. Cole and Heholt, who already have a son together, revealed they were expecting their second child to the world in Cole's song "Sacrifices" on his Revenge Of the Dreamers III album. He says in the final track,

2. She's Been With J. Cole For Over A Decade

According to Bossip, Heholt and Cole apparently met in college (St. John’s University), where they became college sweethearts. They've been together ever since and reportedly got engaged in 2015.

3. She's An Event Planner

She even founded her own event planning company, Statice Events. According to the company's Facebook page:

4. She's A "Go To Girl"

She wrote in the About Me section of her event planning website:

5. She's The Executive Director Of J. Cole's Dreamville Foundation

In an interview with Karla With A Kay, Heholt said:

Although the pair are relatively private with their relationship, there is no doubt that they're both doing great things in their lives and careers that are making an impact in various facets of their communities.

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