7 Weird Kinds Of Underwear You Need To Know About

If you've been rocking the same style of underwear for years, it might be time to shake up your routine. I pulled together some seriously weird kinds of underwear you don't know about, some of which potentially deserve a spot in your closet. From booty boosters to period panties, there's some awesomeness happening in the world of undies that you might not be aware of.

Full disclosure: I've been going mostly commando for years, but can still appreciate a good pair of panties. The exception to the panty-free rule, however, is when I'm on my period. I once went commando in high school thinking a tampon would be enough, and my poor jeans got such a tragically hardcore stain. Lesson learned!

I've also recently been swayed by borrowing my new fella friend's boxer briefs. Oh my heavens, why did no one tell me I could totally wear mens underwear and love it? What thong-covered rock have I been living under?!

Whether you've been looking to up your panty game or just want to ooh and ahh at some pretty inventive undies, the list below is bound to inspire you. I still stand by preaching the bliss that is going commando, but these weird pairs of undies are tempting me to abandon my stance.

1. Period-Proof Panties

Hip Hugger, $34, THINX

THINX created undies that allegedly hold up to two tampons worth of blood before you risk staining anything. I want to believe and need to test these out soon!

2. Fundies

Fundies, $12.25, Fundies

Splitting a pair of undies with my partner isn't at the top of my to-do list for date night ideas, but I suppose I'll try anything once?

3. Secret Pocket Underwear

Secret Pocket Underwear, $24.90, Clever Travel

Featuring a secret pocket for cash and your passport, these weird panties are actually a totally decent idea when you're traveling.

4. Flatulence Fighters

Shreddies, $21, Shreddies

A pair of "Shreddies" promises to trap your fart smell so no one will ever know! But please, please still don't fart in front of my face on the subway.

5. Booty Pad Undies

The Can-Can Padded Panty, $34, Bubbles Bodywear

If you're looking to add a little more oomph to your booty, there's a pair of undies that will do just that!

6. Period Panties

Shark Week, $12, Harebrained

I own three pairs of these and I'm completely obsessed. The black inner fabric means I never have to worry about blood stains. #Praise

7. Deodorizing Underwear

Deodorizing Underwear, $60, Deoest

Deoest promises their underwear is able to essentially clean themselves by not only trapping, but removing odors. The instructions are in Japanese so I can't tell you how they work, but at least they're cute!

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Images: Courtesy of Brands