The Liars Burned Sara Harvey On 'Pretty Little Liars, So This Is "The Jenna Thing" All Over Again

Five years forward and, clearly, we're exactly where we started in Rosewood inPretty Little LiarsSeason 1. Last Tuesday, during the Season 6b premiere, the Liars revealed that they were keeping a secret about something they had "done" to Sara Harvey before they all left for college. Basically, "The Jenna Thing" 2.0 — or, at least, it sounded exactly like the Season 6b version of "The Jenna Thing." And, unsurprisingly, during this week's "Charlotte's Web," it came out that the Liars burned Sara Harvey on Pretty Little Liars — the very same thing they did to Jenna back in the day — but we still don't know how or why they did it.

I'd like to believe that they wouldn't make the same mistake twice. So, what if they really didn't mean to hurt her, regardless of all of the terrible ways she helped Charlotte torment them over the past five seasons? It's entirely possible that, when Spencer diffused that bomb in the Season 6a finale, she didn't do it perfectly right (I mean, she's in high school, after all). Everyone saw — and cheered — when Emily knocked Sara out, so what if the bomb did actually go off in some capacity while Sara was still knocked out on the floor? It seems like that could be the possible way for the Liars to have injured Sara between seeing Charlotte reveal herself as A on video and preventing her from jumping off the roof of Radley. And, if it was all an accident with an explosion involved, it would absolutely fit with PLL's callback to "The Jenna Thing."

Sure, they could have banded together and decided that the best thing to do would be to take out revenge on Sara in the same way Ali convinced them to do what they did the night of "The Jenna Thing." But, really, I'm banking on the fact that they learned from their mistakes — even if they seem incredibly guilty every time they talk about it. They could just be feeling guilty that they left her there, right?

Image: screengrab/FreeForm