Emily Has The Most Secrets On 'PLL'

by Christine DiStasio

I'll be completely honest, I've been believing the worst for Emily since Pretty Little Liars Season 6b started. Between the pills in her purse and every lie she told, Emily just kept getting sketchier and sketchier until Tuesday night's episode reminded me that she's such a cinnamon roll. "Charlotte's Web" revealed quite a bit about what happened to Emily during those five years and what she's going through now. And, even though I'm still wondering what Emily's treatments are for on Pretty Little Liars , I definitely don't think she lost all of her money because she had issues with gambling anymore.

Yes, I immediately thought that Emily went totally off the rails with grief after her father died and got involved with some bad stuff when she started lying left and right. (Sorry, Emily — love you, girl.) And, it turns out, I was only half right. Emily was, naturally, in a deep state of grief after losing her father, but she didn't go totally off the rails — she just couldn't keep up with her classes and, after failing two, lost her scholarship and decided to leave Pepperdine. No one can fault her for that. However, it's her treatments that are still really up in the air for me, but it kind of seems like they are what drained her bank account.

When Emily was sitting in the doctor's office during Tuesday's episode she said, "I really need this to work," about her treatments and later in the episode, she revealed that she couldn't tell her mother what had happened at school because she was a mess about her father's death. Is it possible that Emily's hiding an illness from her mother and paying for all of her treatments herself? It seemed that way a bit after her conversation with the girl from The Brew at the ATM. Emily's secret could be more heartbreaking than shady and, honestly, I'm a little ashamed that I assumed the worst about her.

Image: Adam Taylor/ABC Family