Kira Is Back On 'Teen Wolf,' So What Does That Mean For Her & Scott?

Kira returned on Teen Wolf, but she didn't turn up in Beacon Hills. Instead, "Codominance" found Kira learning to harness her inner Kitsune in the desert with her mother and a group of women known as Skinwalkers. Meanwhile, Scott and Stiles drove into the desert to track her down, only to find her fighting for her life. So, yeah, not exactly the romantic reunion Scott/Kira shippers were hoping for. When Kira left, their relationship wasn't going too great, and it seemed like a real possibility that Kira might never return. Now that Kira is officially back on Teen Wolf , it's unclear what her return means for her and Scott.

Before we get into the big Scott and Kira reunion, let's talk about Kira's quest to control the Kitsune inside of her. The Skinwalkers tell Kira that they will help her learn to control the Kitsune, but first she must pass a test. If she passes, they'll train her, but if she fails, then she will have to stay with them and become a Skinwalker, doomed to walk the desert for all of eternity. For her test, Kira had to fight an Oni — the masked warriors that appeared in Season 3 to fight the dark Kitsune. She defeated the Oni after her Kitsune emerged during the last moments of battle. (How awesome is the Kitsune fox fire that appears around Kira when she fights?)

When she returned to the Skinwalker base, she was victorious, dangling the defeated Oni mask in her hands. But the Skinwalkers said that she didn't win. The Kitsune controls her — she failed. Luckily, Kira's mother wasn't convinced. Even though this entire thing was her idea, when faced with the possibility of actually having to give up her daughter forever, she refused. Scott and Stiles showed up just in time to help them fight off the Skinwalkers and make a quick escape in Stiles' Jeep. Once the pair were safely on their way back to Beacon Hills, Kira told Scott she loved him and the two made out in the backseat (like normal teenagers).

Just because they love each other doesn't mean that Kira is free from her Kitsune. Don't get me wrong, I don't trust the Skinwalkers, and I don't think they necessarily told Kira the truth when they told her that the Kitsune controlled her — it is a part of her, after all. But, until we hear a little bit more about what Kira's been up to while she's been away from Beacon Hills, there's no telling what's really going on with her.

Images: MTV; teenwolf/tumblr