Blake & Gwen Are Dealing With Crazy Rumors Already

by Michelle McGahan

Nothing like a little hard truth from Blake Shelton to put some ridiculous rumors to rest. The Oklahoma-born singer, famous for his country boy charm almost as much as his rich voice, halted any Gwen Stefani pregnancy rumors in the way that only Blake Shelton can: With an honest answer that makes you realize just how ridiculous the question is.

Caught by an inquisitive paparazzo while loading groceries into his car (just to set the scene for ya), The Voice judge was asked if he and Stefani were planning on having a family any time soon. While all of celebrity-dom is obsessed with this couple to the point of nausea, let it be noted that they literally just started dating in November of 2015. You know — after they each finalized their own divorces. Therefore, it's probably safe to assume that not only is Stefani not pregnant, but that having babies together is probably the furthest thing from their minds right now.

"I think it's awfully early to be talking about that, don't you?" Shelton replied, his back to the camera.

The insistent videographer then asked if he and Stefani were planning on becoming "permanent roommates," to which Shelton laughed and replied with a simple "No." Tellin' it like it is.

What makes Shelton's response so great was that he set the record straight while simultaneously flipping it around on the reporter and phrasing his answer like it was kind of a ridiculous question to ask to begin with. He was calm and polite but firm. And it was so genuinely Blake Shelton, who has spent the better part of 2016 being both adorably in love with Stefani and getting real about the tabloid coverage of his relationship on Twitter:

So while the collective public continues to enjoy the Stefani/Shelton romance almost as much as the couple themselves, let's remember not to rush things. Just because they're sweet together and, in many people's minds, the best couple in all of Hollywood right now, it doesn't mean that they have to jump into moving in together and having children. Let's just let them (and us, their adoring public) enjoy the excitement of the beginning of the relationship. And remember, when ridiculous rumors arise, Blake Shelton will be there to shut those babies down.