Recap 'The 100' Season 2 So You Can Battle Your Way Through Season 3 With Ease

Sky People... Mountain Men... Reapers... Grounders — these characters on The 100 may have different titles, but they share one common feature: they're all inhabitants of Earth. (Well, this fictional Earth, at least.) Since practically Day 1, we've watched these tribes battle each other for a variety of reasons and judging by the look of things, there will be more violence than ever before when The 100 Season 3 returns. But in order to properly prepare ourselves for what's to come, it's important to look back on all that's happened and there's no better way to do that than by recapping The 100 Season 2. Because, let's face it, we could all use a bit of a refresher.

If you recall, the season kicked off with Clarke becoming a hostage inside of Mount Weather. And while the "Mountain Men" as they called themselves, claimed to mean Clarke and her people no harm, their leaders proved to have ulterior motives. You see, the people of Mount Weather were unable to go above ground without suffering from severe radiation exposure and discovered that the only cure is to harvest the bone marrow of the Grounders and Sky People, both groups who are somehow immune to the toxins. And since the process is fatal to the donors, this means sacrificing one tribe to save another. Obviously, this notion didn't sit well with Clarke and led to an action-packed rescue mission. Here are a few other plot details to keep in mind as well...

Finn Went Crazy

Following Clarke's abduction, Finn went off the rails trying to get her back. In fact, he even held an entire village hostage while searching for her and ended up killing multiple Grounders in the process. (Little did he know that Clarke had escaped Mount Weather and was trying to find him.) But by then, the damage had already been done. The Grounders threatened war on Clarke's people unless they handed Finn over to die. They eventually do, but before they could inflict any real torture on Finn, Clarke fatally stabbed him to end his suffering quickly.

Fear The Reaper

It turned out that those scary Reaper creatures are actually Grounders who the Mountain Men control with a serum. And unfortunately, Lincoln was transformed into one of them. Luckily, Abby was able to create a cure, but it still proved to be yet another obstacle Lincoln and Octavia had to overcome. And thanks to the power of Karma, Lincoln ended up killing Cage (who was in charge of creating the Reapers) with the very serum he injected so many others with. #justice

Jaha's Quest

After crash landing to Earth, Chancellor Jaha learned of a place called "City of Light," which was described as being some sort of paradise. He became obsessed with finding it and even rounded up a small team (including Murphy) to help him find it. But once he gets there, instead of paradise, Jaha came across a mansion that's surrounded by drones and met a mysterious A.I. woman, who thanked him for the gift that he sent them: the nuclear warhead from the missile he used to get to Earth. So that's going to end well.

Clarke Stands Alone

After rescuing their people from Mount Weather (which resulted in the massacre of innocent men, women, and children), Clarke made the decision that she couldn't return to Camp Jaha. She was now no longer one of them and needed to carry the burden of what they did on her own. As for what happens next, we'll just have to wait and see.

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