Kylie Jenner Knows How To Go Full On '90s

In the world of Instagram, 77 weeks is a long time, especially when you’re as active as this girl is on the social media platform. Kylie Jenner posted a throwback photo of a very '90s chic outfit. The photo was taken 77 weeks ago, so apparently the decade has been trending for a while now. She’s wearing a choker and a denim jacket in this image and is recalling the era so well.

Things as classic as a denim jacket and a simple choker necklace may never go out of style, whether it’s been years or weeks since you last wore the look — these pieces don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. This definitely isn’t the first time that Jenner’s rocked a very ‘90s-esque wardrobe, either. Many of her more recent photos showcase the trends of the time, as well. From tracksuits to overalls, she’s definitely a girl who was born in the 1990s, through and through.

Check out Jenner’s throwback picture (that looks like it’s straight out of everyone’s favorite decade) along with 25 other times she’s made us nostalgic for the past. Because if anybody knows how to pull off the ‘90s in a modern way — it’s this girl. See the best of the 1990s via the fashionable Jenner. May these looks never go out of style.

This look may be from only 77 weeks ago, but it's so '90s.

1. Cropped Sweater

A cropped sweater and "mom jeans" is so reminiscent of the decade.

2. Runaway Bride

If this outfit doesn't look like it's straight out of a scene from the 1999 hit Runaway Bride, then I don't know what does.

3. Chunky Sneakers

Come on, how could these ever go out of style?

4. Classic Combo

A white tee, jeans and sneakers is the most classic of combos.

5. Cap

So '90s cool.

6. Off-The-Shoulder

This silhouette is one of the greatest things to come from the decade.

7. Sweatpants & Sneaks

Matching sweats and sneakers is a super cool thing to do, no matter what year it is.

8. Tracksuit

A tracksuit? How '90s of her, you know?

9. Hat

Thankfully, this isn't a bucket hat. But, it's sort of like a bucket hat got a modern upgrade, right?

10. Shirt Tied

Having your shirt tied up like this is such a throwback style move.

11. Denim Jacket

Denim bombers will always be fashionable.

12. Matching Sweaters

'90s sweater game strong.

13. Matchy, Matchy

Adidas tracksuit. Enough said.

14. Athleisure

Laid-back style on lock.

15. Boxy Crop Top

An oversized crop top is very '90s, wouldn't you say?

16. Boots

So, these may be Balmain, but this style of boot was very popular back in the day.

17. Braids

This hairstyle could be seen everywhere in the 1990s.

18. Roller Skating

I don't know about you, but I spent a lot of time roller skating in the '90s — until I broke my wrist, that is.

19. Crew Socks

Socks pulled up high is such a 1990s kind of thing to do.

20. Grill

Yep, I remember when these were super popular.

21. Snapbacks

Wearing hats this way used to be the epitome of cool.

22. Backpack

These used to be so in.

23. Cropped Sweat Pants

It was a time of cropped everything, you know?

24. Caps & Crops

Baseball cap, crop top and boots? She nailed the look.

25. Overalls

She's a '90s kid, all right.

The decade's not going away anytime soon, especially if Jenner has anything to do with it.