Kylie Jenner Throws It Back To The '90s

Changing your hair color can do wonders when it comes to increasing your willingness to experiment with your wardrobe. Kylie Jenner wore overalls and worked a ‘90s vibe with her new locks because she’s got to live up this blonde time in her life. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Jenner channel another decade, but I can’t recall seeing her in overalls before. I’m glad this new ‘do is making her more experimental with her style, because I am loving every second of it. This really is a new look for Jenner.

Wearing overalls and a turtleneck, she channeled the '90s pretty hardcore while visiting an animal shelter because nothing’s cuter than a pair of overalls and a puppy, you know. I liked the look on her, and she really seems to always nail throwback fashion. From the ‘60s and beyond, Jenner has been known to create looks that have a bit of a retro, vintage vibe. The ‘90s definitely seems to be the time period she’s best at recreating, given how often she borrows trends from the decade.

See her latest ensemble, plus seven other times she’s looked to another era for inspiration. Her fashion sense is spot-on, no matter what year she’s dressing for, because sometimes you’ve just got a knack for things and rocking an every changing look is where her talent lies.

So cute, right?

She is feeling herself in this look, and so am I.

1. '60s Hairstyle

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

With bangs and full curls at the bottom, this wig has a very '60s feel.

2. Denim On Denim

Denim on denim with a pair of sneakers? Yeah, that's some '90s style right there.

3. Track Suit Stylin'

An all-over track suit? It doesn't get more '80s than that.

4. Timberland Chic

Timberlands and midriff exposure is so early '00s, but she makes it timeless.

5. Mom Style

Wearing the same suit as your mom? Major throwback style.

6. Fringe-tastic

Round glasses and fringe bangs. So '70s.

7. Backwards Hat

Clearly, pulling off '90s style is what she's best at.

Obviously, she's the queen of any era.