This Kardashian Makeup Artist Is Launching A Brand

When one of the makeup artists for the Kardashians’ says she’s got big things planned for 2016 — you better get excited. Joyce Bonelli is launching her own line and an app, so there’s bound to be plenty of ways that you can up your beauty game this year. Hallelujah!

Bonelli opened up about her plans for this year in an interview with ASOS, and I couldn’t be more glad that she did. Anyone who does the Kardashians and Jenners makeup on the regular is definitely someone that I’m willing to take makeup advice from, so if she’s got tips, tricks and products that she’s planning to share — lay it on me! The more, the merrier, so to speak! From red carpet appearances to just ordinary celeb-status everyday looks, this lady has done it all. Bonelli, I want to know your ways!

There aren’t many details about the line, other than it will be called Joyce Bonelli Brand and that she’s planning to launch this year. And, of course, the fact that it will be full of amazing beauty products. I’m dying to know more about it, and as if this news wasn’t exciting enough, let’s take a look at six glam looks she’s created for the Kardashian family members, shall we? Oh, I think we shall! I couldn’t think of anything better to do with my time while I wait for her beauty items to arrive. I’m just counting down the days, Bonelli.

1. KoKo's Major Glam Moment

If this doesn't influence your Valentine's Day look, then I don't know what will.

2. Kourtney's Red Carpet Look

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

According to Kardashian's Instagram, Joyce Bonelli is responsible for this gorgeous makeup.

3. Kylie's Lip Kits

Bonelli's a fan of using Kylie's lip kits to achieve a beautiful pout.

4. Kocktails

You've got to have your makeup artist by your side when you're creating a new TV show, you know?

5. Glam Mom

You can't be the momager to these gorgeous gals without getting all made-up yourself.

6. Squad Goals

With Monica Rose as your stylist and Bonelli doing your makeup, you're basically bound for greatness. Just ask Kim K.

And that's why Bonelli's line will soon be here to save the day for all of us.

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