When Will The Investigation Discovery Steven Avery Special Air? Watch These News Segments To Tide You Over

The national conversation surrounding the hit Netflix docuseries Making a Murderer has prompted other outlets to join the discussion. Deadline recently reported that Investigation Discovery will release a special dedicated to Steven Avery's case and cover "critical details surrounding the case." According to Deadline, the segment will be hosted by Dateline's Keith Morrison. But, when will the Investigation Discovery special on Steven Avery air? The channel has recently added the program to its schedule, and the wait is not long.

Investigation Discovery is set to premiere Steven Avery: Innocent or Guilty on Saturday, Jan. 30 at 9 p.m. It will detail the case of Steven Avery, who was convicted in 2007 of the murder of Teresa Halbach and remains in prison to this day. Avery has maintained his innocence since his arrest in 2005.

And, even if you can't catch the special on that Saturday, don't worry. It's set to continue to air on Investigation Discovery in the days following the Saturday premiere. Until then, viewers can quench their thirst for information with a variety of other television specials. In the weeks since the docuseries' release, there have been multiple news segments that have aired on other networks, exploring all sides of the case, that viewers can watch while waiting until Jan. 30.

Jeanine Pirro's Guilty Or Framed

Fox News Insider on YouTube

On Jan. 9, Judge Jeanine Pirro tackled the case, defending the prosecution in Avery's case.

Nancy Grace's Coverage

HLN on YouTube

Grace frequently covers updates in the case, even arguing with Donnie Wahlberg about it.

Dr. Drew Examining The Evidence

HLN on YouTube

Dr. Drew and his colleagues spent time examining all the evidence from the case.

Trevor Noah's Interview With The Filmmakers

See what the filmmakers of Making a Murderer Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos had to say about the response to the show and their own feelings towards the case on The Daily Show.

Dr. Phil's Interview With Sheriff Petersen

The Dr. Phil Show on YouTube

Dr. Phil spoke with Sheriff Petersen about the first time Avery was arrested and if Petersen has any regrets or worries about Steven Avery's current legal status.

These specials should tide you over until Investigation Discovery's segment airs, and you can always re-watch the Netflix series, too!

Image: Netflix