Watch Kylie Jenner Make Lip Kits In The Factory

Kylie Jenner is at it again, everyone. I wonder if there will ever be a day when the Internet isn't a buzz with Jenner or Kardashian news. Today is not that day, guys, because Kylie Jenner is making new lip kits in the factory, according to two videos that were posted to her Instagram account on Wednesday night. The reality television star and — let's be honest — beauty mogul is back at work formulating new versions of her insanely popular lip kit.

The Jenner-loving masses have been awaiting the new lip kits since the last triple threat of lippies came out in December. The brown-based shades sold out basically instantaneously. Dolce K, Candy K, and True Brown K were all perfect for those of us looking to recreate some of Kylie's more iconic looks. While they all seemed to channel that ultra matte, throwback brown look so popular in the '90s, her newest look is definitely not set to be in this family though. Instead, from the looks of it, Kylie's next lip kit is going to be a gorgeous bubble gum pink shade called Posie K. While the shade definitely does have a more dusty feel thanks to its matte texture, it's definitely a pink which makes it perfect for its rumored Valentine's Day release.

While she's given us a sneak peak of the look on Lip Kit's Instagram, she gave everyone a totally new kind of peek today, thanks to her personal social media account. In her video, Kylie can be seen helping assemble the first of the new Posie K lip color.

Not going to lie, it's pretty cool to see the formula drop into the signature Kylie container. From the smile on her face, it's clear that's she's pretty proud of the product.

With a quick insert of the applicator, the new Posie K shade is done. While I love the colors of the original three Kylie Lip Kits, I've got to say, Posie K seems like a killer departure, and Kylie's pride in it only makes me think that it'll be the best one yet.

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