See Kylie Jenner's Pink Lip Kit IRL

By now, you know the deal. You know that Kylie Jenner is releasing Valentine's Day Lip Kits, which is good news if her team produces enough tubes for supply to meet the crazy demand for these matte, liquid lipsticks. The new trio will include a pink shade totally unlike the neutrals that populate "Season 1" of her sold out and hard-to-get collection. She crowdsourced the name, with a fan selecting "Posie K" as the moniker for the pretty, dusty, and rich pink shade. We've seen promo images and swatches of Posie painted on Jenner's arm. How does this pink Lip Kit hue fare in real life and on actual, live lips, namely the reality star's pout?

The official Lip Kit Instagram account posted an image of Jenner's full lips painted with Posie. The shot only serves to make you further covet this shade. While Dolce K, Candy K, and True Brown K from the original trifecta were deep, suede-like neutrals, Posie K offers a true pop of bright color that will be absolutely perfect for V. Day and for spring... provided you can get your hands and lips on it.

I don't mean to sound so negative, but the Lip Kits sold out in nanoseconds upon launch and most Lip Kit seekers didn't fare any better on the one and only restock so far. The Kylie Lip Kits have achieved cult status and Posie will strengthen that.

Posie K really does brighten her whole face and the teen wore it only with piecey lashes. It also looks a bit deeper when paired with her natural lip shade. This color has so much depth and is super dynamic, thanks to the mega matte texture.

This is Posie K as a swatch on the back of Jenner's hand.

Here is the shade in the tube, paired with earlier shades Candy and Dolce. Posie K will be part of a new trio of colors that will have a new formula. I've already been wondering what other colors will accompany this pink. There has to be a velvet-y red or a super pale pink for Val Day! Has to.

This is Posie K in graphic form.

So we've seen the shade in several scenarios so far... except on the lips of one Jenner's sisters or friends, which would really show how dynamic it is against their natural lip colors and skin tones, which are all different.

Now that we have several solid Posie K visuals, how about a sneak peek at the other shades coming for "Season 2," as I call it, or the Valentine's Day collection? Valentine's Day will be here soon, so these Lip Kits need to be sold and shipped soon. Here's me, biting my knuckles in anticipation! I really, really, really want to rock one of the KLK colors on my kisser and I am tired of waiting.

Images: Lip Kit by Kylie/Instagram (4)