Is This The Year For Emily Brooke?

Thank goodness for second chances! Those words are definitely true for 16-year-old Emily Brooke, who received her second golden ticket to American Idol 's Hollywood Round in the 15th and final season. For fans of the show, Brooke will probably look familiar— she advanced to season 14's Hollywood Round, only to be eliminated after performing on the final night at the House of Blues. Her elimination was clearly a gift, though, as she came back even better and stronger this season. Will this be Brooke's season to take it all? After seeing her amazing audition, it's fair to say that it absolutely might be.

Brooke is the perfect candidate to be crowned this season's American Idol . Not only is she extremely talented, she's also young and super confident. While it's her talent that will get her past the Hollywood Round, it's her other qualities that will keep her in the game.

At only 16, Brooke is the perfect age to win the title. The judges are looking for the winner to be someone who will leave a legacy and be around for a long time, and Brooke is certainly that. She's at the beginning of her career and is sure to have an amazing journey ahead of her.

The year between seasons 14 and 15 was crucial to Brooke's confidence. It was clear even in her audition that she has grown so much since we saw her last. Her audition to Raelynn's "Careless" was strong and full of personality, which is why the judges were so quick to send her through. While her age and talent have won over the judges, it's her confidence, charm, and stage presence that will win over the audience. If she can bring even an ounce of confidence from her audition to her stage performances, Brooke will easily win over America. As long as she makes it through the Hollywood Rounds, there's no doubt Brooke is on her way to becoming the next and final American Idol.

Image: FOX (screenshot)