Nick Fradiani Wins 'American Idol' Season 14 & His Reaction is the Sweetest Thing Ever

After what seems like forever, the American Idol Season 14 winner has finally been revealed! Nick Fradiani, 29, took home the win and is about to embark on the most life-changing journey ever — and he totally deserves it. Fradiani was the underdog of the season but certainly proved himself the past two nights. His performances over the past few weeks have been nothing short of amazing and his debut single, "Beautiful Life," is pretty close to perfect. He had tough competition in early favorite Clark Beckham, 22, but Beckham was too stuck in his ways to win over America. Fradiani was the rightful winner of this competition and watching him take in the moment was absolutely adorable.

The new Idol was at a complete loss for words when he heard the news. When Seacrest asked how he was feeling, Fradiani responded with "I don't know. I can't even think right now." It was one of the most real and touching moments we've seen on Idol in a while — and really proved how much this win means to Fradiani. The sweetest part, though? Seeing Fradiani completely revel in the moment of singing his debut single for the first time as a signed artist. He started off strong, but you could tell it officially hit him once he made it to the judges table. With a high-five from Keith Urban and hug from Jennifer Lopez he was officially done.

As hard as he tried, he just couldn't make it through the song. And when he got to his family? TEARS. Maybe not down his face, but definitely mine. It was such a beautiful moment and his song served as the perfect track to underscore (even if he wasn't singing it).

I'll admit, I converted to Team Fradiani as soon as Jax was eliminated — maybe even a little bit before. But after hearing his performances tonight and seeing his adorable reaction, it's clear that he deserved this moment and the title of American Idol Season 14 winner.