Jena Malone & Her BF Will Be Very Talented Parents

It looks like the odds were in this Hunger Games star's favor. On Wednesday, actor Jena Malone revealed she is pregnant via Instagram. The photo shows Malone, or to Hunger Games fans, Johanna Mason, standing in a field and staring at her baby bump. She also included a beautiful caption, which reads in part, "It's with two feet firmly on the ground and a heart swelling in an ocean of love that I'd like to share the new shape I am becoming to hold the greatest dream of them all. #babybump #newparents." The "polaroid," as she calls it, was taken by Malone's boyfriend Ethan DeLorenzo. His name might not be one you recognize, so let's take care of that before they welcome their sweet baby.

Like his girlfriend, DeLorenzo is quite the artist and dabbles in music and photography, according to his official website, which also includes stills of Malone. Actually, his Instagram is filled with his work. There's no doubt he's very talented when it comes to taking pictures, especially when they're of Malone and their future child. As his LinkedIn page states, he is a freelance photographer, who has even worked with fashion mogul Diane Von Furstenberg. Talk about impressive.

Matej Divizna/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In addition to photography, DeLorenzo is involved in the music industry, which is detailed thoroughly on his LinkedIn page. From being a recording engineer at The Cutting Room Studios to producing music at Decadent Wreckords to even being a "Band Member" for Chris Brown (who may or may not be that Chris Brown) for two years, DeLorenzo seems to be making a name for himself in the music world.

I think it's safe to say that Malone and DeLorenzo's child has some pretty talented parents, who are also beyond love in with one another.