Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas You'll Love

Well it's that time of year again folks — time for everyone to pick a side of one of the most controversial observances. That's right, it's almost Valentine's Day. And while I don't always like to send cards or brave the dinner crowds, I do enjoy a good Valentine's Day manicure. Because why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear it on your nails?

But if you're over the sort of traditional, Valentine's manicure with the pinks and the reds, look no further than the talented nail artists of Instagram. Seriously, these ladies know how to amp up the heart motif for a fresh take on VDay nail art (as in, you might even want to rock some of these designs year-round). And while it's always nice to have hearts and roses professionally painted, if you feel like free-styling it instead, there are plenty of options. For those just diving into the world of nail art, heart-shaped glitters and nail wraps are where it's at. Feeling a little more adventurous? Try using a dotting tool to shape hearts or stamping plates for a more complicated pattern. That way, you can easily recreate one of these 10 awesome manicures.

1. Chain of Hearts

Mix and match regular polish, glitter, and vinyls for a perfectly-crafted mani.

2. Rainbow Hearts

A stamped heart motif gets taken up a notch with all the colors of the rainbow.

3. Glitter Love

Because you can't not stamp fuchsia glitter with love.

4. Purple Hearts

Purple and silver make for a fun update from pink and red.

5. Classic

Of course, you can't go wrong with classic, pink hearts. And glitter. Glitter is a must.

6. Scrabble Love

The best way to earn seven points.

7. <3

Gotta love a big ol' heart.

8. Graphic

I'm totally obsessed with this stamped design.

9. Bedazzled

Because a rhinestone heart is the best heart.

10. Updated Sweethearts

OK seriously, how amazing are these nail decals? I need these now.

Image: @nailpopllc/Instagram