Here's Your Valentine's Day Manicure Inspiration

I know not everybody likes to celebrate Valentine's Day. In fact, it might even be one of the most hated holidays. I can't think of a year that's gone by when I didn't hear someone complaining about the 'ole candy-crusted day. And I get that V-Day doesn't seem like something worth celebrating without an S.O., or outside of elementary school when you're guaranteed 20 cards and (hopefully) candy from your classmates. But Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about one specific type of love or an extended Halloween of sorts. It can be about wearing awesome Valentine's Day manicures.

Now I'm aware you polish junkies already know this, but it's worth reinforcing: Holidays are some of the best excuses to go all out with your nail. Whether that means adding a red accent nail to your pink manicure or covering your tips in portraits of your OTPs, Valentine's Day doesn't deserve to be left out of the polishing festivities. So even if you don't like to throw down on the Day of Love, you can at least show your nails some. Because they need love too. Here are a few of the best V-Day inspired manicures from Instagram to help you get started.


Turn your nail into a heart because, um, does it get cuter than that?? Well...

...maybe if you bedazzle it. Get a half-moon mani by using hole reinforcement stickers, and then choose an accent nail to glue rhinestones in a heart shape.

Or go a less literal route with black and gold tips. Bring it back to V-Day with a Cupid decal.

But sometimes all it takes is finding the perfect polish and topping it off with some cute 3D decals.


Amp up a classic French by doing it in pink and black. Add little heart details either by freehand or with decals.

For a mani that looks a lot more difficult than it is, try some stamping plates to mix and match cute designs.

Or freehand mix and match some simpler designs like these cute XO's and mini hearts. Oh, and don't forget the glitter...

...Especially if you like to get a little wild on Valentine's Day. With zebra print, of course.


Show your favorite couple some love with shadow portraits.

Or get literal with some lovebirds.

If you don't want your lovers separated though, let 'em share a nail.

Because even the ones with an attitude want to feel the love.

Images: Olga Grygorashyk/Fotolia; Instagram