The 'RHOP' Cast Is Very Well-Off Financially

Bravo recently launched a new Real Housewives franchise in Potomac, Maryland. But, can a town that the cast calls a well-kept secret really compare to the drama of a big city like Atlanta, New York, Beverly Hills, or Dallas? Well, the women of Potomac — a town near Washington, D.C. — are thus far proving that their group is just as impressive, entertaining, and luxe as any other iteration of the show. But, what is The Real Housewives Of Potomac cast’s net worth?

The Bravo reality TV franchise is famous for featuring powerful women, lavish lifestyles, flamboyant fashion, and big real estate. And, RHOP is proving to be no different than the series' other incarnations. These women live luxurious lives filled with reality TV-worthy drama. The ladies of Potomac know how to host a party, dispense wisdom, dote on husbands and children, and share gossipy details of their and each other's lives, and they do it while wearing designer heels. But, this all costs a pretty penny to maintain. So, how much is the cast of models, beauty queens, NBA wives, and entrepreneurs actually worth? Well, per Real Housewives tradition, there are some big hitters in the group!

Ashley Darby

While the former pageant winner and reality TV star’s net worth is listed at $2 million, according to celebritynetworth.com, her husband Michael Darby’s net worth is supposedly much higher, according to the same site. Michael is a D.C. real estate developer who is allegedly worth $20 million. He is "the principal and cofounder of Monument Realty, one of the top performing and most active real estate firms in the Washington, DC area," according to his company website, so his net worth is seemingly consistent with his high-powered job. Plus, the couple recently opened an Australian-themed restaurant in the D.C. area. Though this is a risky venture, a successful D.C. restaurant can potentially be a million dollar operation.

Karen Huger

The Huger Household has a sizable net worth of a reported $40 million, according to celebritynetworth.com — this is likely thanks in part to Karen’s husband, Raymond Huger, and his business prowess as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Paradigm Solutions International.

Charrisse Jackson Jordan

Charrisse Jackson Jordan’s husband Eddie Jordan, former NBA player and current Rutgers University men's basketball coach, has a net worth listed at $5 million, according to celebritynetworth.com. In 2013, NorthJersey.com reported that Jordan signed a five-year, $6.25 million contract with Rutgers. After his first year with the program, Asbury Park Press reported that Jordan earned "$1.1 million in his first full calendar year."

Katie Rost

The TV personality and single mom is worth $3.2 million, according to the-net-worth.com. Rost was a model in New York before heading to Potomac, kids in tow, and, according to Glassdoor, the average salary for a model in New York is $83,827. Add her Bravo paycheck to that and she's likely earning a pretty penny.

Gizelle Bryant

The socialite and mother of three works with the Birmingham, Alabama city council to generate funds for the city and is currently launching a makeup line, according to Bravo. Celebritynetworth.com lists Gizelle Bryant’s net worth at $4 million, and, with all her entreprenurial pursuits, that number will surely rise.

Robyn Dixon

While the D.C. publicist and events manager has a net worth of $3 million, according to celebritynetworth.com, her ex-husband (and unconventional roommate) former NBA star Juan Dixon has a net worth of $6 million, according to the same site. As for Dixon's chosen career? According to Glassdoor, the average income for a Washington, DC events manager is $55,415. But, I'm betting with the show and any projects to stem from that, her star will continue to rise.

Image: Bravo