Emily's Mystery Treatments Have 'PLL' Fans Worried

Is anyone else starting to get seriously worried about Emily on Pretty Little Liars? Ever since she returned to Rosewood it's been clear that Emily is hiding something, but what? First we saw suspicious looking pills in her purse (prompting theories about a potential drug problem) and then on Tuesday night's episode "Charlotte's Web," we saw her receiving shots for... something. OK, so we still don't really know what Emily's treatments are for on Pretty Little Liars , but I'm beginning to fear the worst for her. In fact, I'm growing more and more concerned that Emily is sick with a serious disease five years after the events of Season 6A.

After leaving the medical center in "Charlotte's Web," Emily interacted with Sabrina, who's taken over running things at The Brew since Ezra left for Habitat for Humanity work and returned in a dark state. Eventually, during one of their conversations, Sabrina mentioned that she had previously had cancer. For some reason, she seemed to assume that's what Emily was getting her treatments for and why she wanted it kept a secret. And while Emily quickly managed to bypass the topic, she neither confirmed nor denied cancer to be the cause of her trips to the hospital, which makes me think some sort of illness could definitely be the cause of her treatments. Illness is just one of the possibilities discussed by the hosts of Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast Taking This One To The Grave, and you can hear what else they had to say about Emily's mystery and everything else in "Charlotte's Web" below.

Emily did seem really worried about whatever these treatments are supposed to be doing and kept saying that it "has to work." Granted, this could also help build a case for the theory that Emily is trying to donate her eggs for money, given how broke she appears to now be. (Financial troubles are enough to make anyone super stressed out.) However, that doesn't explain why Emily's started getting her treatments in Rosewood and not California.

The nurse who gave her the treatment said that too much travel wouldn't be good for her and that she should consider finding someplace to go back on the West Coast. Why wouldn't Emily have done that in the first place? There would've been less of risk of her mother finding out that way, and yet she seemed adamant about preferring it to be in Rosewood. Perhaps this is because there are only certain doctors she trusts with her health.

Honestly, I can't even pretend to know where this storyline will go. We all know that PLL is a huge fan of the misdirect, so whenever we think we know something, the writers make sure to completely throw us for a loop. But given the look that came across Emily's face during her visit, I'm worried that this is a much bigger problem than a tight money situation. You might want to think about stocking up on some tissues, my friends. For more PLL theories about Emily's treatments, Haleb's future, and more, check out additional Taking This One To The Grave episodes below.

Image: Eric McCandless/ABC Family