11 Times You Were Emily Fields From 'Pretty Little Liars' In A Group Chat

Like many people, I have a love/hate relationship with group chats. They're great for telling funny stories or sharing memes, but they don't make it easy when you're trying to come to a consensus about any group decision. In fact, they often make planning worse, but I love my friends and I'll never mute our conversations. Group chats can bring out some mixed emotions in people, and I imagine that Emily Fields from Pretty Little Liars would understand how I feel about the modern technology. Sure, I know that she is a fictional character, but I definitely think that she gets me in this instance. Because let's be real: there have been plenty of times that we have all been Emily Fields in a group chat.

From people ignoring your comments, to knowing that some friends muted the chat, to pals having a one-on-one conversation that bores everyone else, a lot can happen within the group text. Having a group chat is a staple for today's squads, and there's no better squad than the Pretty Little Liars characters. We all know how often they are on their cell phones, so it makes sense that Emily Fields would get what it's like to be in a group chat.

1. When You're Happy For The Invite

You feel so honored to be included. Getting added to a group chat means that you are an integral part of the squad.

2. When You Have Nothing To Add, So You Hit Them With A Like

Sometimes everything has been said and you just have nothing to add. Other times you feel bad that no one has acknowledged your girl's random drunk story. Either way you have nothing to say, so you just double tap her comment to let her know you read it.

3. When A Friend Tells A Lie & You Know What Really Went Down

The group chat is supposed to be a sacred place of transparency and honesty. So when your girl fudges the truth about whether she hooked up with that dude after the bar, you cannot help feeling offended.

4. When You Want Outfit Approval

In all honesty, you already know that your outfit is fire and you're really just looking for an ego boost. So when you send a pic of your outfit for the night you expect likes, compliments, and emojis in response.

5. When Two People Engage In An Individual Conversation

The group chat was created for discussions that are relevant to the entire squad. If people want to have a one on one conversation, then they should do that privately. You are so not here for that.

6. When You Cannot Believe What Was Just Said

From the inappropriate memes to the unflattering photos, you thought you could handle anything the group chat had to offer, but you were wrong. On of your girls just dropped some crazy information and you have so many thoughts, but no idea how to actually reply.

7. When You Get Peer Pressured Into Plans

You were looking forward to some chill time alone and now you got publicly guilted into going to a party you never even wanted to attend. There's nothing you do now except hope that you get a good Instagram photo from the night.

8. When A Friend Calls You Out For Something

Although you live for the group text, individual conversations are still vital, especially when it comes to long, personal anecdotes. When your girl brings up info that you thought was private in the group chat, you cannot help feeling annoyed and betrayed.

9. When Every Single Friend Asks About Your Love Life

You appreciate everyone's concern over your breakup, but the spotlight of seven girls asking if you are okay in front of each other can be a little too much to handle.

10. When The Chat Hasn't Been Used In A While

The group chat was really going strong for a while, but now you haven't heard a peep in weeks. Maybe there's some drama within the group, but you're cool with everyone so you send out an "I miss you" text hoping to get some love back and get the conversation started back up.

11. When The Squad Gives Unhelpful Advice

You came to the group text asking what to say in response to this boy you are "kind of talking to" right now and the conversation starts diverting in a million directions and no one is saying anything remotely helpful. Time is of the essence and you really need help.

The group chat is a source of both joy and stress. You are not the only one who feels this way. Thankfully Emily Fields can help you explain your mixed emotions about this modern technology.

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