Could 'Pretty Little Liars' Bring Charlotte Back? There Are A Few Potential Ways

When Pretty Little Liars finally revealed after six seasons that Charlotte DiLaurentis — aka Cece Drake — was Big A and the person who stole the game from Mona, fans were floored. Not only was Charlotte the person pulling the strings this entire time, she was also a rejected member of the DiLaurentis family. Charlotte was ready to end it all on the night of the Big A reveal, content to tell her story and then blow up Radley with herself and her family inside of it — but that wasn't the tragic fate that Charlotte would meet on Pretty Little Liars. The Liars defused the bomb Charlotte set up, and Charlotte was placed in a mental health facility for five years. Then, the night Charlotte was released, the unthinkable happened: Charlotte was murdered. OK, so that's not super surprising — I mean, this is Rosewood we're talking about — but it does beg the question as to whether we'll see Charlotte DiLaurentis again on Pretty Little Liars.

Charlotte definitely seems dead, but is she really gone? Maybe... but maybe not. Any Pretty Little Liars fan knows that people who seem to be gone rarely are, so it's far to say that we may be seeing Charlotte again before the series is over. Here are a few theories on how we might get to see Charlotte again on PLL:

1. Charlotte Faked Her Own Death

It wouldn't be the first time that someone claimed Charlotte was dead when she wasn't. Mrs. DiLaurentis told her husband that their child committed suicide in order to hide Charlotte in Radley, but what if Charlotte decided to take matters into her own hands this time? Perhaps Charlotte knew that someone was out to get her, and decided to fake her own death in order to protect herself. She already knew what medicine to take in order to make it seem like she was dead, as she used it on Mona.

2. Charlotte Has A Twin

In the Pretty Little Liars book series, Ali has a twin named Courtney whom switches places with Ali in order to get out of a mental institution. That didn't play out in the series, but showrunner I. Marlene King has hinted that someone does have a twin on the show. If Charlotte does have a twin, perhaps it was the twin who was in the mental institution for five years — and the real Charlotte is still at large.

3. Charlotte Will Appear As A Ghost Or Vision

This show will receive serious bonus points if Charlotte dons the same ludicrous wig that Mona did in the Christmas episode.

4. Charlotte Could Appear In Flashbacks

It will be pretty tough to unravel the reason behind Charlotte's murder without giving us a glimpse of Charlotte from the past. If Vanessa Ray isn't available to appear in all episodes of Season 6B, there's a good chance that they could reserve using her for some really important flashbacks — like, say, on the night that Charlotte was murdered.

Only time will tell when we'll see Charlotte again, but I can't be the only PLL fan who really hopes that we see her sooner rather than later.

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