Are You So Very Miranda From 'Lizzie McGuire'?

by Kristie Rohwedder

If your pal were to tell you that you are “such a Miranda,” you might go ahead and assume that they mean a certain red-haired, hard-working, whip-smart attorney from a certain iconic HBO scripted series. However, this assumption could be incorrect; If you and your pal happened to watch a lot of Disney Channel original programming in the early aughts, there is a solid chance that that your pal actually meant anothercharacter from anothericonic scripted series. It could very well be that your pal was referring to a different Miranda. Yes, pal could have been paying you the compliment that is comparing you to Miranda Sanchez from Disney Channel Original Series Lizzie McGuire .

To be like Lizzie McGuire'sMiranda is basically a dream come true. Lizzie and Gordo's best friend is as hilarious as she is smart, as cool as she is loyal, and as unique as she is well-coiffed. So how can you be so sure you are such a Miranda? Well, if you identify with at least half of the following statements, you are totally the hair scrunchiest member of the Lizze-Gordo-Miranda friend triumvirate.

You’ve Never Been One To Turn Down A Silver Crushed Velvet Turtleneck Top

Why would you choose to wear a boring basic long-sleeved shirt if crushed velvet available?

You Legitimately Do Not Care About Being Popular

You only care about living your truth.

You Think Valentine’s Day Is A Doofy Excuse For A Holiday

You don’t trust anyone who says the holiday is on the same level as New Year’s or Independence Day or Christmas.

You’ve Mastered The Art Of The Eye Roll

And you aren’t afraid to show off your skills.

Your Best Friend Is As Loyal To You As You Are To Them


And You Are Always There To Support Your BFF


You’re All About The Faux Hair Hair Scrunchy

Any other kind of hair tie can take a hike.

Your Pop Culture Reference Game Is On Lock

That flawless Scream joke is killin' me, Smalls.

You Love A National Landmark

And you always pay the proper respects.

If You Had Your Way, You’d Always Draw *NSYNC

But sadly, your art class itinerary and your art dreams are always out of sync.

Aaaand Finally, You Haven't Not Eaten A Dog Biscuit

Hey, no shame. Keep livin' your truth.

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