Meet The Last 'Idol' Auditoner EVER

Well, folks, the time has come — the final round of America Idol auditions has come and gone, and I hate to admit it, but I'm feeling a little empty inside. After 15 years, America has seen every person who will ever audition for American Idol. So who earned the privilege of being the last contestant ever to audition for the singing competition? Meet Manny Torres. The 20-year-old closed out the auditions for the 15-year-old show on a high note — he's on his way to Hollywood!

Being "Last Idol Contestant Ever" is no easy thing to live up to, but Torres was able to bring pride to his title. The Michigan native impressed the judges with a cool rendition of Marroon 5's "This Love," making it impossible for Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick, Jr. to say "no." Though the night brought a lot of crazies, it was refreshing that the show chose to save one of the best for the last and end the audition cycle on a high note. Torres gave an impressive showing, and left a fond memory in the minds of dedicated Idol fans everywhere.

So does Torres have a real shot at becoming the next and final American Idol? It's still questionable, but it would be pretty awesome if he did take home the title. Having the last ever Idol contestant win the last ever title would be a sweet way to go out. Sadly, his chances are still only 1 in 190, which aren't that great. This season promised to bring some of it's best talent ever and it certainly delivered. Is Torres the best of the best? Only time will tell. But, until then, let's relive some of the best Idol auditions ever — because it's the only way to mourn the ending of an era.

Image: YouTube/American Idol