The One Thing You Should Never To Do Your Brows

I'm pretty particular when it comes to my eyebrows. OK, maybe even obsessive — I guess you can say that I try to keep them on fleek at all costs. But behind every pair of brows is a story of how they got to their ultimate fleekness and trust me, my eyebrows were not the same way they were a couple of years ago. They were bad, guys — like really bad. My own best friend had to tell me the one thing you should never to do your brows, because even she couldn't stand looking at them. Tough love hurts, but I very much thank her now.

My eyebrows basically looked like two very thin and overarched lines. It was truly a struggle. I would fill them in to hide the scarcity of hair, but it wasn't natural looking at all. At first I thought they were fine to deal with and actually didn't have a problem with them, but then I realized that I could not go on living a life where I looked surprised all the time.

Oh, how did my brows get so thin like that, you ask? Well, I committed the one thing that you should never, and I mean never do — over-pluck and over-tweeze. Once upon a time, I went crazy with my tweezers and totally thought that the more plucking and cleaning I did around my brows, the better it looked. I was so wrong. The most horrible part of it was that I didn't realize that I was over-plucking, until I learned (the hard way) that they would take forever to grow back.

The main issue with over-plucking is that there is no going back. Once you pluck away, you have to wait for your eyebrows to grow, which could be an indefinite amount of time. Over-tweezing can disrupt the growth cycle of your brows semi-permanently, or even cause permanent hair loss, according to Into The Gloss. Shavata Singh, the founder of Shavata brow bars, confirmed this, telling Telegraph , "You should be careful not to over‑pluck, as the hairs don't always grow back and you can run the risk of permanently losing your most flattering shape." Permanent means forever, y'all.

Bottom line: Whatever you do with your eyebrows, do not over-pluck. But in case you do (or are already guilty of over-tweezing)...

Fill Them In To Look Fuller

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, $21, Sephora

You can always fill in your eyebrows to look fuller. Although it won't be your actual hair shaping your eyebrow, this should do the trick. It's great to have for an eyebrow emergency or even to touch up full eyebrows.

Avoid Over-Plucking By Using Good Tweezers

Tweezerman, $16 , Amazon

Avoid using dull tweezers. When you use a pair that are sharp, you can be more precise in arching and shaping your eyebrows instead of just guessing. You do not want to guess when it comes to your eyebrows.

If you're still not convinced that you need to constantly clean up your eyebrows, just remember: according to science, eyebrows are your most important facial feature. NBD.

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