'Last Week Tonight' Season 3 Will Be Oliver's Best

Three months is just too long of a break when you need someone to explain what's going on this crazy world around you. And having gotten a whole lot of folks hooked after two seasons of spot-on commentary, John Oliver must recognize the kind of responsibility he has to keep his viewers in the know. Where was that Brit when I needed to understand the COP21 climate change pact in December? Fortunately, Olly's back soon, and while it's OK to be excited, the fact that the Feb. 14 premiere date is quickly approaching is far from the only reason to jump for joy. Here are 7 reasons John Oliver's third season of Last Week Tonight is sure to be his best one yet.

Plus, it's widely known that shows — no matter the genre — always hit their stride in the third season. The Sopranos was never better than in the spring of 2001. And yes, even Food Network's The Pioneer Woman was at its prime during Season 3, when catering a hay haul still seemed so strange and fascinating to viewers. But let me get back to the matter at hand.

1. Oliver Is No Longer A Daily Show Sidekick, But A Host With The Most

Several seasons in, and there's no doubt that Oliver has come into his own. The time when viewers weren't sure how to feel about Oliver's not being Senior British Correspondent for Jon Stewart? A thing of the past.

2. It's An Election Year

There will be too much material ripe for the picking, and I'm not sure how Oliver will handle it. Maybe he should just change the show's title to Last Week In The 2016 Election Tonight for the third season.

3. The Season's Start Is Coming Off The Heels Of A Slew Of Award Nominations And Five Wins

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Last Week Tonight received 10 different award nominations in 2015, half of which the show won. Among the nominations were four Primetime Emmy awards, and among the wins was a Peabody Award.

4. Oliver Could Tackle Issues Like Wrongful Convictions, Since Making A Murderer Blew Up Like Crazy During His Winter Vacay

Go away for a few months and you can miss out on a whole lot, including the criminal case that has mesmerized the country for more than a month. Oliver could jump right back into the thick of it by sharing his own views on Steven Avery.

5. It's An Olympics Year

And how thankful you should be it's not a year for the Winter Olympics, since that's when Oliver goes on holiday. He didn't shy away from discussing corruption within FIFA, so I doubt Oliver will skip a chance to delve into all the drama of an Olympic games.

6. Oliver's Off To A Good Start With A Valentine's Day Season Premiere

Who needs a romantic evening with a date when Valentine's Day eve could be filled with a few Russell Stover chocolates and a half hour of John explaining the world's issues? No reservation necessary.

7. That's Just The Predetermined Fate, According To The TV Gods

Like I said, the third time is always the charm when it comes to television series. There's just no way around it. Although, I have a feeling Oliver won't mind the upcoming season being even better than the previous two. It's Season 4 he should be worrying about.