12 People You Forgot Were In 'Sugar & Spice'

Unless you were in middle or high school when 2001's cheerleader flick Sugar & Spice hit theaters, you may have never seen the now cult classic film. The movie is 15 years old this year and in honor of the cheerleading, bank-robbing flick, let's take a look back on the people who you definitely forgot starred in the flick — because as it turns out there are a ton of famous faces among the cast that you definitely know these days.

Here's a quick recap of what the funny film is about: Popular cheerleader, Diane Weston, gets knocked up by her superstar quarterback boyfriend, Jack Bartlett. Their parents kick them out of the house and the pair are forced to get an apartment and jobs. In order to make some fast cash she enlists the A-squad cheer team to help her rob a bank. Oh, and they all wear Betty Doll masks during the robbery, because why not?

It’s pretty ridiculous, all-around awesome, and I highly recommend it for your next movie night if you've never seen the flick. Let’s take a look back at those you may have forgotten appear in the film.

1. Marla Sokoloff as Lisa Janusch

Everyone knows Marla Sokoloff because she’s Gia in Full House and Cokie Mason in The Baby-Sitters Club. In this movie, she plays the jealous, bitter, B-squad cheerleader who narrates the entire movie. She pretty much just wants to be on the A-squad and date Diane Weston’s boyfriend. She was also pretty famous in the early 2000s. She starred in Whatever It Takes and Dude, Where’s My Car. However her most noteworthy role was as Lucy Hatcher on The Practice.

2. James Marsden as Jack Bartlett

Yep. James freaking Marsden played the all-american quarterback boyfriend, Jack Bartlett, who knocks his girlfriend up. In 2001, he had just played Cyclops in the first Bryan Singer version of X-Men, he had a cameo as John Wilkes Booth in Zoolander, and a short stint on Ally McBeal. It wasn’t until 2004 that he showed up as Lon Hammond in The Notebook. Now he’s everywhere (because 27 Dresses airs on TV constantly).

3. Marley Shelton as Diane Weston

Before she landed her role as the popular Diane Weston, Marley Shelton was also one of the popular girls in Never Been Kissed. Not to mention she starred alongside Tobey MaGuire in Pleasantville. Since then she's been in Sin City, Planet Terror and Death Proof. She's still making movies, but not as high profile ones like before.

4. Mena Suvari as Kansas Hill

If you don't know Mena Suvari from the coveted film American Beauty, then you know her from her other super famous, awesome franchise, American Pie. Suvari plays Kansas, the cheerleader whose mother is in prison for killing a man. She's basically the badass of the group.

5. Jake Hoffman as Ted

Jake's last name pretty much says it all for those of you who may not know who this is. Dustin Hoffman's son has gone on to star in many other movies including Click, I Heart Huckabees and Wolf of Wall Street.

6. Conan O’Brien as Himself

Technically he doesn't act in the film, but throughout the movie Cleo has a creepy, weird crush on Conan and at the very end when they flash the where-are-they-now subtitles, there’s a pic of Conan with Cleo. It’s about as brief as you can get when it comes to cameos.

7. Rachel Blanchard as Hannah Wald

When you first look at Rachel Blanchard, the religious cheerleader of the bunch, you think she strikes a resemblance to Alicia Silverstone, which would make sense considering she played Cher Horowitz on the TV version of Clueless. More importantly, after the movie she went on to play Roxanne Richardson in 7th Heaven. These days she can be found playing Kitty Nygaard on Fargo.

8. Melissa George as Cleo Miller

Cleo is the cheerleader who's got a thing for Conan O'Brien and leather. I didn't recognize Melissa George by name or her dark brown hair in the movie, but she's actually been in a ton of stuff (and she's actually blonde)! After Sugar & Spice, she went on to do a ton of TV stuff including most recently, The Slap. Her other credits include Grey's Anatomy, The Good Wife, Friends (as Molly the hot nanny), Alias and In Treatment.

9. Alexandra Holden as Fern Rogers

Friends fans will understand why this is important. Alexandra Holden’s most important role as Elizabeth Stevens aka Ross’ college girlfriend happened right before she landed the role in Sugar & Spice. Since then she’s guest-starred in just about every single TV show ever. She was also in How to Deal with Mandy Moore.

10. W. Earl Brown as Hank ‘Terminator’ Rogers

In order to rob a bank, the gals need guns. They go see “The Terminator,” who’s played by W. Earl Brown. Brown has been in the business a long time. I’ll just name a few of his major roles since it’s impossible to list them all. After Sugar & Spice he appeared in Deadwood, American Crime and True Detective, as well as guest starred in pretty much every other show out there. He was in Wild, Black Mass and Draft Day.

11. Jerry Springer as Himself

There’s a quick segment after the girls rob the bank about how the scandal had rocked the country and it was even affecting The Jerry Springer Show. It cuts to Jerry saying today’s episode is about transvestites who are now pretending to be pregnant. Classic 2001 stuff.

12. Kurt Loder as Himself

OMG. Do you guys remember Kurt Loder from MTV News breaks? Why did they ever stop doing those random news breaks between shows? Old MTV was so great.

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