7 Ways Lazy Girls Can Easily Up Their Wardrobe For Days When PJs Are Simply Not An Option

As a self-proclaimed lazy girl, my daily uniform is usually just a T-shirt plus jeans (or yoga pants for particularly lazy days). But that doesn't mean that I'm not on the hunt for different ways lazy girls can improve their wardrobes. I love stalking the fashion blogs and Instas for inspiration on how I can look a little more put-together, and like I actually tried, while still exerting the least amount of effort possible. Because let's get real: If an outfit includes more than three or four pieces, requires me wearing a very specific set of underwear, or takes longer than two minutes to get into, it's highly unlikely that I even change out of my pajamas. And staying in my pjs all day, while comfy, is not good for my productivity.

So to make sure, when I do go to choose an outfit, that I can choose quickly and choose well, there are some rules I like to follow when purchasing new items. That way, I can be sure that everything goes together and will actually be worn. Interested in a more manageable closet? Here are seven ways I've found that helps a lazy girl like me up her wardrobe game — all with minimal effort, of course.

1. Invest In Staples

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A trench coat that goes with everything. Dark-wash jeans that can easily be dressed up or down. A LBD that you can always count on. Having basics in your wardrobe that can be reached for in a variety of situations (and go with everything) make selecting outfits that much easier.

2. Go Neutral

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The best part about neutrals is that they go with everything. Stocking your wardrobe with shades of white, beige, grey, and black means being able to mix and match pieces with ease.

3. Buy Backups

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Find the perfect pair of jeans or an unbelievably soft yet cute T-shirt? Buy another one. If you know you'll want to wear it all the time, make sure you can have a backup to keep on rotation or in case the washer eats one.

4. Go Multipurpose

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Items that can easily be dressed up or down, like the perfect pair of flats or a pea coat, make putting together an outfit much simpler. That way, you don't have to worry about changing between work and a night out.

5. Make a Statement

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Instead of trying to incorporate that top that you hardly ever wear anyway, dress up your favorite tees with a statement necklace or scarf instead. It'll look like you tried but you still get to be just as comfy as always.

6. Include Pops of Color

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For days when you need a little extra oomph, opt for something like a colored jacket or jeans. Especially if the majority of your wardrobe is relatively neutral, it'll be simple to add a pop of color to any outfit.

7. Try a Capsule Wardrobe

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But if you find yourself overwhelmed or annoyed by your wardrobe or trying to put outfits together, try paring it down to a select number of versatile pieces that all go together, and cover all of your bases. This mini-wardrobe will help make sure you actually love and will make use of all of your clothes— without even having to think about it. A lazy girl's dream.

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