11 Must-Haves For Ultimate Lazy Girl Dressing

When you're a lazy girl, you usually like things cut to the chase, and that includes your closet. Subsequently, it'd be really handy if you had a clear list of basics you need in your wardrobe. While you can appreciate the stream of sundress-in-the-wind-catching, running-across-the-street-in-heels-wearing fashion "it girls" on your Instagram feed, that doesn't necessarily mean you have the energy — or the inclination — to follow in their footsteps. Gladiator sandals and the newest must-have bag are fun to dabble in (or watch others dabble in) but if you have a more laid back speed, they might not be something you look for when stocking up on your wardrobe essentials.

For us lazy gals, it's basics all the way — and that can be just as stylish as the wardrobe that's bursting with the latest trends and looks. After all, Michael Kors famously said that your closet is supposed to be 70 percent meat and potatoes, meaning that the bulk of what you own should be closet staples and classics. They allow you to have a timeless and easily re-mixable wardrobe.

However, just what do you need in order to have such a closet, you ask? Below are the 11 basics every lazy girl needs.

1. Amazing Jeans

Ridley Skinny Jean In Haggerston London Blue, $32, ASOS

Pencil Jean, $68, American Apparel

Don't be afraid to put a little bit more money into this purchase. With denim, it really is "you get what you pay for." If you want a pair that will be hugging your curves for years to come, take your time finding your perfect fit and don't feel too guilty about the price tag. Would you rather have 10 ill fitting jeans that make you miserable throughout the year, or one amazing pair that makes you feel like god's gift to the universe? Exactly.

2. White Oxford Shirt

Self Tie Neck Shirt, $19, Forever 21

Poplin Shirt, $49, Zara

Never underestimate the power of a white shirt. It might seem a little boring at first, but look for one with interesting details like a small collar (very on trend), a bell-shaped hem, or slim sleeves. You'll be surprised at how many things you can layer with this bad boy.

3. Striped Shirt

Short Sleeve Crop Ballet Top, $4, Target

Striped Tee, $12, Forever 21

Not one for learning how to crack pattern mixing? You can never go wrong with a striped shirt, and it'll add a pop of intrest to your basic wardrobe. Pair it with jeans, skirts, or trench coats and it'll look impeccably classic and put together every time.

4. Cigarette Pants

Printed Ankle Pant — Ava & Viv, $30, Target

Martie Pant, $80, J. Crew

Need an alternative to jeans? Go with a black or colored pair of cigarette pants. The shape is more on trend and interesting than your basic pair of slacks, and they can easily be dressed up or down depending on the top.

5. Tailored Sweater

Off-Shoulder Sweater With Stitch Detail, $34, ASOS

Open Knit Sweater, $70, Mango

Don't just purchase the first frumpy sweater you see. Look for lush, cozy, well-made pieces that can last you through the years. Be warned: This might cost a pretty penny, but if you don't like going out shopping on a frequent basis, it will save you the headache of replacing shedding or thread-bare sweaters.

6. Cropped Sweater

Marled Cropped Sweater, $16, Torrid

Cotton Sweatshirt, $35, Mango

These are extra fun to pop over dresses, and look amazing paired with high waist jeans or tucked into the waist band of skirts. They also help add a youthful touch to mom jeans and easily transform any dress into a skirt without looking too frumpy.

7. Denim Jacket

Ava & Viv Denim Jacket, $35, Target

Denim Jacket, $20, H&M

The wonderful thing about a denim jacket is that it will never go out of style, and it's infinitely cheaper than a leather moto jacket (it's cooler counterpart). Wear it with your dresses, shrug it over your shoulders, or tie it around your waist: Whatever you do, you'll look chic and put together.

8. Trench Coat

Trench in Midi Length, $135, ASOS

Water Repellent Cotton Raincoat, $129, Zara

Want to look timeless while bundled up? Why not invest in a well fitted trench coat and give off Parisian cool vibes for days? Make sure that you take your time with this one, though, and don't just buy the first one that fits. You want to make sure it's snug in the shoulders and sleeves, or else you'll end up looking like an '80s Wall Street banker.

9. Cross-body Bag

Oval Messenger Bag, $39, Zara

Look for a minimalist, clean-lined leather cross-body bag or backpack. The accessory will instantly elevate all your outfits to street style status.

10. Turtleneck Crop Top

Sleeveless Bodysuit, $25, Charlotte Russe

Turtlenceck Crop Top, $5, ASOS

This might sound unusual, but a turtleneck crop will become a layering godsend to you. It looks impossibly chic paired with voluminous skirts, can be layered on top of maxi dresses to turn them into skirts, and looks modern when paired with high waist shorts or jeans. The list can go on for days.

11. Neutral Toned A-Line Skirt

Skater Skirt, $36, ASOS

Skirt with Slit, $39, Zara

Even if you're a pants-only kind of girl, a woman often encounters an occasion for which she'll need a skirt. Plus, sometimes you just can't be bothered with pants. Skirts are like the nearest thing to sweatpants, after all: You can't go wrong with them. To ensure easy mixing and matching, choose one in an A-line shape (the bell outline creates some interest) and one in a neutral palette so it's easy to remix over and over again.

With these wardrobe staples, you'll never have to spend more than a few minutes getting ready every day (aka: The lazy girl dream).