Quotes That Totally Express Your Winter Misery

by Mary Grace Garis

As we creep deeper into the post-Christmas winter months, a lot of us are forced to confront the harsh reality that is, well, actual winter weather. It’s the perfect time for the marathon of escapism with some choice The O.C. episodes since, well, none of those crazy kids ever had to deal with genuine cold or snow in Southern California. And on that tangent of thought, I have no doubt that the cast of The O.C. would loathe bad weather in the same way you do... if not more.

Why do I have that sneaking suspicion? Um, just turn to “The Rainy Day Women” when everyone holes up in their places in shock and horror over rain. Good luck handling snow and temperatures below 70 with that attitude. But hey, you’d probably do anything if it meant you could be in California right now, away from all the winds and stripped down from the 16 layers of clothing you have to put on everytime you go out.

So in an attempt to get empathy through pop culture, I hand selected 11 lines from The O.C. that totally sum up your winter weather hysteria. Although, granted, chances are that if you’re an East Coast native you still handle snow better than Seth Cohen and the gang handle rain.

It’s WATER, you big baby, calm down.

1. When Your Roommate Talks About How She's Upset It's Snowing In Michigan And Not Here

Uh, yeah, let's hear if you'll be saying that when we need to traipse around in gray sludge for three months.

2. When You Need To Leave For Work At 8 a.m. And You're Still In Bed At 7:59 a.m.

Angry Birds pajamas could be considered business casual, right? Because my iPhone says it's 32 degrees out and I think that's all I can muster today.

3. When Your Friend Remarks That It's So Cold Outside

Yeah, because it's winter, Tarra, it's February. Wait, it's January still? FUUUUUUUUUU-

4. When You're Dreading The Commute Back To Your Apartment

You're not sure if you feel like rewarding yourself or if by then you'll have just lost the will to leave completely. It's a toss-up.

5. When Someone Posts Something About An "Impending Storm" On Facebook

I have eyes. If a storm is hitting us this weekend, I'll know. Why are you trying to ruin my entire week with this news?

6. When Two Days Later It Gets Upgraded To A "Historic Storm"

Oh my God, this is it, this is the end of joy.

7. When There's No Bread Left At The Grocery Store And A Sales Associate Asks If You Need Any Help Finding Something

Which promptly leads to this:

And you knocking over a stand of mac and cheese boxes.

8. When You're Barricading Yourself Up With Your Roommate

If we can get through the polar vortex we can get through this soul-crushing, atmosphere-ruining, commute-delaying, fun-killing blizzard.

9. When She Suggests That Maybe The Temperature Will Spike And It'll Turn To Rain

Oh, my sweet, elegant, baby fawn. No. No, we're just going to have to ride out this whole terrible situation.

10. When It Only Snows Two Inches The Next Day And You Feel The Need To Apologize For All Your Snow Hysteria

Sorry I got a little frantic there, Em. And sorry we're gonna have to get our groceries from Freddy's Market from now on.

11. And Then When The Temperature Spikes And It Literally Washes Away By Sunday

Whatever, I'm just going to hibernate, wake me up when it's April. Or, alternately, if there's bagels.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy (13)