13 New Tom Hiddleston 'Night Manager' GIFs That'll Give You Major Feels

Heaven knows that you're usually starved for a new Tom Hiddleston project, and if that's the case right now, I come bearing gifts. The trailer for The Night Manager just hit the Internet, and it is chock full of Hiddleston goodness. And get this, the upcoming BBC mini-series is going to have six parts with your favorite internet boyfriend. But since it doesn't debut until April, I've decided to capture all the glorious Hiddleston moments from The Night Manager right now. You can thank me later.

In case you need any context, The Night Manager is based on the novel of the same name by John le Carré. Hiddleston is slated to play Jonathan Pine, a British soldier turned spy (of sorts) looking to see if there's a connection between the intelligence community and the secret arms trade. In order to do that, he has to buddy up with the head of the arms trade, Richard Onslow Roper (played by Hugh Laurie, what up).

I don't know what means, mostly, it sounds like it has echoes of The Departed, but you came here for GIFs, not analysis. I guess until we can wait for that until we get our six part (SIX PARTS, YOU GUYS, WE HIT THE JACKPOT) Hiddleston fix.

BBC on YouTube

1. When Our Boy Shows Up On The Scene Looking Absolutely Dashing

He looks a bit contemplative about whether he wants to go through with this endeavor or not.

2. When He Starts Beating Up People And It's Totes Adorbs

Good to know that he'd have your back in a fight.

3. When He Introduces Himself As The Titular Night Manager

I don't think Laurie is really buying it, but I would because he's just such a great actor.

4. When He Declares He Has Nothing To Lose Because He Is A Rogue Loner Who Needs To Be Healed By Love...?

I mean, probably, I don't know.

5. When He And House Are Staring At Each Other Lovingly

Becoming besties and co-founders of the "Gorgeous Eyes" club.

6. When My Ovaries Explode

Dear God in heaven, thank you for not making me wait three months for this.

7. When He's Cautiously Accessing The Situation

That's right, babe, stay on your toes.

8. When He's Being Friends With House But Totally Lying About It The Entire Time OMG

Are they wearing matching suits? Twinsies!

9. When He Makes Out With This Chick With The Pixie Cut But It Should Be Me Or You

So annoying.

10. When He's Laughing Over His Whiskey On An Airplane

Just having the time of his life right here.

11. When He Smolders With Pixie Cut Girl Some More, Ugh

How dare he?

12. When We Get To See All Angles Of His Beautiful Head

Swooning eternally.

13. When He's Hanging With House Again And House Is Basically Like "B*tch, I'll Cut You"

Uh, you will do nothing to that beautiful face.

SIIIIIIIGH. April can't come soon enough!

Images: BBC One/YouTube (14)