5 Ways To Turn Your Eyeshadow Into Liquid Eyeliner

The beauty universe is packed full of genius hacks. From Advil as a blemish vanquisher to peppermint oil to achieve Kylie Jenner lips, makeup fanatics are thinking beyond the boundaries when it comes to your everyday lipstick tube. Yet, another brilliant trick has emerged on the horizon: transforming eyeshadows into liquid eyeliner. It's possible, it's simple, and it's forever life changing. Get ready to amp up your cat eye.

Ever concocted the perfect smokey eye only to realize that you don't have a matching liner to go with it? Problem solved. Armed with a trusty angled brush and household item or two, you can instantly elevate an eyeshadow into a precise and sleek eyeliner. No joke. And for the wallet-conscious out there, this nifty secret allows you to experiment with various liners at absolutely no cost — suddenly, your dream of that iridescent lilac eyeliner may now become the reality (and your bank account will thank you). Whether you have loose or pressed shadows do not matter; this technique works with either formula, but will require some trial and error.

It's about time you start gathering your favorite eyeshadows, slip on your pretend lab coat, and start experimenting.

1. Using Good 'ol Water

Never underestimate the power of H2O. For those new to the eyeshadow-to-eyeliner routine, starting with water is probably your safest bet. In this tutorial, Victoria of BiohazardousBeauty schools us on the basics of mixing mediums. The steps are straightforward: blend your eyeshadow with a few spritzes of water to create a rich, smooth eyeliner. Want more pigment? Just add more water.

2. Using Duraline

Inglot Duraline, $11, Amazon

The masterminds over at Inglot have specifically crafted this magic elixir to elevating your eyeshadows: the famed Duraline. This waterless, transparent liquid is designed to intensify color and morph an eyeshadow right into smooth liner. Beautylish has a handy guide on how to utilize Duraline for its maximum purpose.

3. Using Makeup Setting Spray

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray, $25, Amazon

When you've graduated from H2O or don't want to fork over bills for something new, simply look into your vanity: what do you already own? You most likely are the owner of a makeup setting spray — and fortunately, this will get the job done as well. First soak your brush with the setting spray, than dip into your choice eyeshadow. Voila!

4. Using Eye Drops

Visine Maximum Redness Relief, $6, Amazon

You might have to rummage in your beauty cabinet for this one, but eye drops can also complete the hack. So don't throw away that bottle yet — save them for the next time you want to go from eyeshadow to eyeliner. The steps are similar: pour a few drops, twirl that makeup brush, and you're all good to go.

5. Using Coconut Oil

Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil, $7, Amazon

Is anyone even surprised to see coconut oil make an appearance here? At this point, every beauty aficionado knows about coconut oils and its wonders for your skin, teeth, and hair — so by default, this jar of enchantment can also whip up eyeshadows into eyeliners. Need some support? Check out this post from Delicious and DIY on how to do it right at home.

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Images: Courtesy Brands