Beauty Hacks To Prevent Every Possible Emergency

Getting ready for anything — whether it be work, the weekend or a night of crazy crunk dancing — is always an ordeal. There are preparations to make (do I have to shower, or can I rock second-day hair?), steps to follow (hair first, makeup second, outfit last) and a multitude of things that must be done to achieve desired greatness. Those of us who engage in the dedication of makeup, hair and a sense of personal style have these steps down to an art. You've timed your hair and beauty routine to the minute, so you know exactly how much time you need to get ready in the mornings (and how long you can delay your alarm clock). You've scheduled in what days you're washing your hair, so you know exactly what hairstyles you can rock the first, second and even third day (greasy hair = chic bun, or opt for the hat), and you've developed an excellent sense of putting together a killer outfit in the blink of an eye. Boom. Ready for the day, bring it all on.

But despite how effortlessly and efficiently we've developed our personal beauty routines, things can always go awry. No matter how well we've nailed it down, one thing out of place can cause the most feverish panic, especially if time is not on our side. And usually — let's be honest — it isn't. Beauty emergencies always seem to happen to us when we don't have any time — one of life's great laughs, I'm sure. But where there's a will, there's always a way, I say. And it just so happens that I know 10 helpful little beauty hacks to help you get you through some of the most stressful style emergencies and totally save the day.

1. Use Advil To Get Rid Of A Blemish

It's the day before you're supposed to hit the club with your girls, and you start feel it. Right there, on your face. That small, tight, painful little spot that begins growing on your skin like a weed in a garden. That perfect complexion you planned on dazzling the drunks at the club with is ruined and anxiety begins to set in. Never fear, my friend! Simply take an Advil (preferably a Liquid Gel), pop a hole into the tip of it and dab the contents onto your blemish. This works absolute wonders, and you'll find yourself doing the trick every time you have a blemish — for it burns and dries up a spot in no time. Out, damn spot! Out I say!

2. Use Conditioner To Shave With

I actually don't know why people even bother buying shaving cream. Conditioner moisturizes the legs and allows for a smooth shave, just as shaving cream does. Use conditioner whenever you happen to run out. Or just use it all the time.

3. Spray Hairspray To Get Rid Of Static

Gahhh winter, we are so over you! And frankly, so is our hair. Between our hats, scarves, clothes and hands touching our hair all day, it's almost impossible to keep the static at bay. Constantly sticking up or clinging to the sides of our faces, it's enough to drive one mad — but rather than resort to madness, simply spray a bit of hairspray onto your hair (and/or brush) and gently brush through your locks. It should help tame those pesky fly-aways.

4. Use Eyeshadow For Your Brows

You're about to make your eyebrows on fleek, when you notice your pencil has run out, or is just especially dull. With no replacement or sharpener in sight, take a straight brush and use a brown eyeshadow to fill in your brows. The shadow brushes on easily and fills in the brows nicely and you'll have your brows on point in no time. You can also use the same eyeshadow as a contour for your nose, cheeks and chin/jawline.

5. Use A Card For The Perfect Cat Eye

It's the weekend and it's time to hit the club. And the drinks. Perhaps you've hit one too many drinks as you were lip-singing and dancing to Beyoncé in your room, when suddenly you remember that you still have to do your makeup for the club. Damn, damn, damn! Don't fret, my little love — when in drunk doubt, use a business or credit card to get that straight and perfect cat eye you always want to rock. Simply place the card angled against the side of your eye and draw upwards with your liquid liner. Perfect eye despite a wobbly hand!

6. Use Concealer To Line Your Lips

Sometimes you find that perfect shade of lipstick, but you have no liner of the same color to use. You could just slather it on without it, but that usually causes the lipstick to bleed. When without a proper lip liner, line the outside of your lip with your concealer. It'll help keep your lipstick from bleeding, and will keep your lines looking sharp.

7. Use Lotion To Remove Lipstick

Speaking of lipstick, as fabulous as it looks, sometimes it's the bane of our existence. Whether it's making your lips feel cracked and dry, or getting all over your face while you're eating (or all over someone else's face while you're making out), lipstick can be a right pain in the ass. It can also be a pain in the ass to remove, especially when it's made with a rich, bright pigment. To help remove your llipstick fully for comfort, eating or kissing purposes, simply rub a little lotion onto your lips before you wipe off with a tissue. This will help remove the lipstick — or should I say, lip stain.

8. Skip The Falsies

We all love the look of false eyelashes, but many of us just can't be bothered to apply them. Not only are they difficult to apply, but often attempting application leaves glue all over your own lashes, or screws up a once perfectly applied makeup job — which we totally don't have time for. Rather than fight with the falsies, try using a fibre-lash mascara (Younique has an excellent one) which gives you the look of falsies, but with a much easier application.

9. Wipe Away The Day

It's the end of a very late night and you stagger home somewhat miraculously. You're drunk, you've been dancing all night and all you want is to sleep. As you make your way towards the heaven that is your bed, your skin screams and begs for you to wash off the layers of makeup, sweat and whatever else may be caked onto your face, clogging up your pores. The voice inside of you nags you to just wash your face, but the lull of your bed is too strong to deny. For nights like these, keep a pack of makeup wipes beside your bed. It may not be as good as washing your face, but it's definitely second best — and you'll be thankful for it in the morning.

10. Get Rid Of The Ink

It's the morning after a rocking night at the club — that you can remember, that is. The only reminder of your drunken escapades is the stamp from the club still blatantly leaving its mark on your hand. Rather than trying to scrub your hand raw with soap and water, or waiting a week for it to eventually fade away, rub a little bit of nail polish remover onto it. It'll get rid of that ingrained ink stain on your hand, leaving you cleansed of all evidence of the night before.

Images: Instagram/khaleesidelrey; Giphy