Welcome A New Mini-Dawson To The World

by Alanna Bennett

Out of respect to James Van Der Beek's joyous day, I am going to resist making quite as many Dawson's Creek references in this post as is my instinct. Because James Van Der Beek's wife just had a baby! Hooray, babies! Kimberly Van Der Beek, who's been married to the former Don't Trust the B— In Apt. 23 star in Aug. 2010 — they have two kids together: Olivia, born Sept. 2010, and Joshua, born March 2012. This is both Van Der Beeks' third child, a baby girl whose name the world at large does not yet know.

James tweeted the news of the birth on Sunday, noting that he's "Outnumbered by kids, outnumbered by girls, outlandishly grateful and thrilled. Watch out world, VDB baby #3 made her debut last night.”

The birth itself was a natural home birth, which would make my mother really happy. Look, mom! Another celebrity gave birth outside of a zillion-dollar Cedars Sinai birthing suite!

(My mother is a midwife, in case you were wondering why she's so invested in famous peoples' uteruses.)

The Van Der Beeks' rep released a statement to people noting that "Kimberly and little one are doing really well,” which is nice to hear.

Image: Tumblr