12 Creepy '90s Movie Moments You Forgot You Saw

Were the '90s really the last greatest decade of all time? Think about it — we are constantly reminiscing about the trends that shaped us, the music that moved us and let's not forget the iconic movies that raised us. From American Beauty to The Sixth Sense, films of the '90s redefined a decade of nostalgia, feels and the ultimate pining for a comeback. But how much do you really remember from some of your favorite flicks of this passing decade? Because some '90s movies have some creepy moments that we'd all like to forget we ever saw.

Though some noteworthy films that shaped the careers of Hollywood's biggest stars of today had the intention of leaving you feeling delighted, affected, and changed, they also exposed supreme moments that left you haunted, chilled, shocked and not to mention, creeped the eff out — especially during a time that budding filmmakers like Sam Mendes, M. Night Shyamalan and David Fincher were around. Now, don't worry if you are wracking your brain and can't remember something not-so-cute about your beloved past. I'm here to detail these 12 '90s movie moments that were actually a lot creepier than you may remember.

Because like your ex, the '90s may never quit.

1. Jawbreaker: The Moment Three Popular Girls Realized They Had To Kill Their Best Friend... With A Jawbreaker

This movie is about a band of popular girls who accidentally kill their best friend Liz on her birthday after fake kidnapping her, sticking her in a trunk, stuffing her mouth with a jawbreaker, and taping it shut. Though this film had the ultimate list of creepy moments, the one that will haunt my childhood forever was seeing them open the trunk to yell surprise to Liz and take her picture only to be surprised themselves that she had swallowed the jawbreaker whole. The moment that polaroid hit the ground and developed, I ran upstairs to my parent's bedroom and couldn't eat jawbreakers for a year.

2. The Sixth Sense: The Moment A Young Girl Shows Her Dad From Beyond The Grave That Her Mother Killed Her

The Sixth Sense is not a gory film, nor is it a whodunnit murder mystery; it is M. Night Shyamalan's 1999 story of a young boy who can see ghosts. When he meets a ghost around his age, surprisingly played by a young Mischa Barton, she gives him a tape to show her father at her wake. The scene that unfolds is so chilling, yet so devastating that I shock-cried. In the tape, you see an already sick little Barton playing with some puppets before her mother comes in to give her soup, but, once the mother places the soup down, she leaves and comes back with a bottle of poison that she mixes into her daughter's soup. This was one of those moments that makes you realize it's not the dead you have to be afraid of, it's the living.

3. Matilda: The Moment Matilda Is Thrown Into The Chokey

Danny Devito's 1996 spectacular hit, Matilda is hands down on of my favorite '90s movies. I can quote just about any line. But that also means I feared Miss. Trunchball with every fiber of my being. And the moment that Matilda was taken by the neck and thrown into the Chokey while a mysterious gas leaked from the roof and large nails poked from the doors, I covered my head with a blanket. It's seriously a wonder any child survived, and also a wonder why no one called the authorities.

4. Se7en: The Moment Lust Kills

Se7en is literally a creepy movie that can stand on its own. I was subjected to this film not by choice, but somehow curriculum (my drama teacher made us watch it in Grade 11). David Fincher conceptualized a brilliant plot about a murderer who uses the seven deadly sins as his method of operations for his slain. And the moment they hit lust, you knew your insides would turn. During the moment of interrogation, the married man who was found at the scene explained how the murderer forced him to rape a prostitute while wearing a knife strap-on. I'm done.

5. American Beauty: The Moment A Smile Creeps Over A Face From Murder

There are so many moments in then-first-time filmmaker Sam Mendes's 1999 film American Beauty that will be considered classic. But the one scene that will always remain creepy for me was when Ricky comes downstairs to see Lester's shattered and bloodied skull, turns his head, and smiles. WTF. Oh, and don't worry, any scene containing rose petals was just as creepy for me too.

6. Aladdin: The Moment You Realize Jafar Tried To Make Jasmine His Sex Slave

This list would not be complete without a creepy scene from a Disney film, because we all know they low-key have plenty. This one comes from the 1992 classic Aladdin. Do you guys remember the scene where Jafar tries to use the genie to get Jasmine to fall "desperately in love" with him, so she learns some respect? Yup, it was to be none other than his sex slave. Ewwwww.

7. The Craft: The Moment You Don't Want To Mess With Another Alpha-B*tch

Obviously, this 1996 film directed by Andrew Fleming was clearly made for the horror genre, and, therefore, creepy moments are inevitable. But the ultimate moment that made me stay awake at night were the final two scenes where we see Nancy's (played by Fairuza Balk) fate revealed in stark juxtaposition to how she was introduced in the movie. After Sarah binds all of Nancy's powers in an epic witch-on-witch showdown, Nancy ends up in a psychiatric hospital, and Sarah warns Bonnie and Rochelle to be very careful or they will end up just like her.

8. Cruel Intentions: The Moment Incest Was Supposed To Be Sexy?

Remember that scene that Ryan Phillippe's character and Sarah Michelle Gellar's character almost kissed, despite being step-siblings? Or how about that moment there was clear sexual tension, and Phillippe told her the only thing she should be riding was him? Yeah.


LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE MOMENT IN JUMANJI WAS HELLA FRIGHTENING. The monkeys, the stampede, the giant spiders, the lion, the flood, the gunman, Peter having a tail, the fact that a little boy became trapped for years... why did all of this have to come from a board game? I might have a legit fear of dice right now.

10. My Girl: The Moment You Realized Bees Were The Devil

My Girl was that one movie in the '90s that we all loved to hate because we all ugly cried. I mean, really cried. Vada Sultenfuss (played by Anna Chlumsky) was one of the most relatable characters to ever come out of a '90s flick. But, I mean, I don't know how you could come out of this film without a life-threatening fear of bees. You see, Vada's new-ish best friend, Thomas J., was deathly allergic, and that was his ultimate heart-wrenching and utterly creepy demise.

11. Girl Interrupted: The Moment Of Tragic Suicide

This 1999 film directed by James Mangold was based on the Susanna Kaysen novel that illustrated her 18-month stay in a mental hospital. Brittany Murphy played the supreme chic Daisy Randone, a girl who earned her stay in the hospital due to her history of sexual abuse, now housing bulimia with an OCD and self-harming problem. The moment Susanna (played by Winona Ryder) finds Daisy hanging from the ceiling with one of the creepiest tracks on repeat in the background... goosebumps.

12. The Witches: The Moment They Remove Their Wigs

I am sorry but you are just going to have to watch this 1990 scene from The Witches yourself...

Disregarding all of the other creepy movie moments of the '90s, not included in the list, I hope this helped jog your memory on our beloved decade that was majorly gross. Yet still, like this movies, we will always keep coming back for more.

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