See How Celebs Are Dressing For The Snow Storm

With winter in full swing thanks to Winter Storm Jonas, it’s a chilly out there, folks. Naturally, people are handling their snowed-in weekends in differently than others, but nobody is doing it quite as well as these celebrities. See how celebrities are dressing for the snow storm because these A-listers are prepared for the cold. From wearing giant fur-covered boots to staying indoors, these famous folks are on to something when it comes to weathering the winter storm.

Celebs such as Kate Hudson, Amy Schumer and more are in their winter’s best for the cold front they’re facing. If you ask me, those who decided to stay in their pjs had the best idea of all because there’s nothing like a little snow on the ground to make me want to stay inside and never leave again. But, for those who were brave enough to actually go outside, they had their layering skills in play and couldn’t have been more prepared for the circumstances.

However you choose to stay warm this weekend, there’s bound to be some OOTD inspiration in this batch of photos. See how 11 celebrities didn’t let the cold get them down and be inspired to bundle up in the best way. There’s nothing like a snow storm to bring out the very best of winter fashion, you know?

1. Kate Hudson

Snow storm? Nothing a pair of giant snow fur-covered boots can't handle. She had that red sweater dress and the boots with the fur (with the fur). There's a way we can fit that lyric to the "Apple Bottoms Jeans" music, right?

2. Nicky Hilton

Who would have thought ski goggles could be so chic? Everything looks better when paired with a leopard coat, I suppose.

3. Kevin Jonas

He's not letting the fact that the storm is named "Jonas" get him down.

4. Ariana Grande

Pajamas + indoors is the best way to face the winter weather.

5. Reese Witherspoon

No winter blues for this southern belle, despite the snow in Nashville.

6. Emily Maynard

This former Bachelorette is perfectly layered and more than ready for a day of sledding.

7. Lucy Hale

This fuzzy dress is great for keeping warm in. And a killer manicure couldn't hurt either, am I right?

8. Diane Kruger

Plaid flannel, mittens and a beanie. Yep, she's prepared.

9. Amy Schumer

A hoodie, a topknot and a cozy spot on the couch is the absolute best way to handle the weather.

10. Emmy Rossum

A fur-covered hood will surely help you stay warm.

11. Aziz Ansari

If you do brace the cold in your puffy jacket, just try not to get lost.

While these celebs are doing an incredible job of keeping warm, I'd say the best plan of action for handling the storm is just to stay indoors.

Images: pgreen1983/Unsplash (1); Giphy (1)