This Is Not A Drill: Zayn's New Song Is On The Way

Despite his original claim that he wanted to live like a "normal 22-year-old" and avoid the spotlight, Zayn Malik is pursuing a solo career. Ever since he ditched One Direction, fans have wondered when he will actually release new music. Sure, there was that song "I Don't Mind" with Nasty Boy that was put on SoundCloud. (But that was never confirmed as an official track and has since been removed.) Luckily, the wait is officially over. Everyone who's been desperate for some original Malik music is about to be extremely excited. On Twitter, Malik revealed his first song "Pillowtalk" is debuting on Friday, Jan. 29. Yup, you read that correctly: It's only five days away.

In an interview with Sunday Times Culture magazine, Malik confirmed what everyone was thinking — the song is definitely about sex. He said,

Everybody has sex, and it's something people wanna hear about. It's part of everybody's life, a very BIG part of life! And you don't wanna sweep it under the carpet. It has to be talked about.

Malik also shared the single's cover art, which is pretty much just him laying there shirtless. Is this the way he confirms all of his big life news? (Like when Gigi Hadid shared a shirtless selfie of Malik holding a cat, which was viewed as confirmation that ZayGi is totally a thing.)

I'm sure the track will be a change of pace from his previous songs with 1D. Especially since he recently told Billboard how little say he had when with the band. Malik said,

We weren’t allowed to say certain things, or word [lyrics] the way we would want to. I’d sit and wonder, "If the fans knew how it worked, what would they think?" My argument was: People are more intelligent than that. They want to hear what’s real, so why don’t we write some stuff that we’re actually going through?

I guess "Pillowtalk" will finally show what Malik is "actually going through." It's only a matter of time before people hear the track and debate whether a certain lady inspired the song. (Gigi? Perry Edwards? A mystery woman?) The suspense is practically unbearable.

Even though waiting until Friday isn't ideal, this perfectly sums up my excitement in the meantime:

Image: Giphy