Allison Janney & Ellen Page, Action Heroes?

by Rachel Simon

At this point in her career, it seems like Allison Janney has pretty much done everything an actor can do. She's spoken Sorkin-ese on The West Wing, voiced a fish in Finding Nemo, sung on Mr. Sunshine, and stolen scenes in Spy, just to name a few of her many achievements. Yet according to the actor, there's one role she hasn't yet gotten the chance to take on — that of an action hero. And, if she does eventually get to be a gun-swinging, bomb-evading champion, she wants one particular actor by her side: her co-star in the new movie Tallulah , Ellen Page.

"I think we need to be a couple of action heroes," Janney told Bustle with a laugh, while on the Tallulah red carpet at the Sundance Film Festival. "But I don't know, I would do anything with her."

That much is clear. Janney and Page have teamed up several times now: first, and most memorably in the beloved pregnancy-centric film Juno; then again in the 2013 indie Touchy Feely; and now in Tallulah , an upcoming dramedy about an irresponsible woman (Page) who, after kidnapping someone else's baby, lies to her boyfriend's mother (Janney) that it's her grandchild and coerces her into helping care for the kid. The duo's on-screen mother-daughter dynamic has ranged from the heartfelt to the ridiculous, but as shown by their words towards one another on the red carpet, their real-life relationship is purely sweet.

"She’s such a smart woman," Janney said of her co-star. "She does so many things outside of her acting, and she's just so active in her community and improving gay rights. She’s a hero of mine... I just think the world of her. I’m very proud of her, and proud of being in this movie with her."

Page, meanwhile, couldn't speak higher of Janney, saying, "She’s just someone I respect and admire so much. I think she is so talented to a degree that’s insane."

Although Janney jokingly called herself "the child" in her relationship with the significantly younger Page, her Tallulah co-star insisted that it's the other way around. Said Page about Janney, "I look up to her so much. She’s a person I would call for advice."

And perhaps enlist for an action movie team-up, if Janney's hope ever becomes a reality (which it better — how great would it be to see those two actors fighting crime and taking names?). Luckily, it seems that even if starring in that kind of movie isn't in their immediate future, Page and Janney have every intention of teaming up for many, many movies to come.

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