Kylie Jenner Throws A Housewarming Party On 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' & Pulls Off A Classy Shindig

In real time, Kylie Jenner has been settled into her very own house for awhile now, but in Keeping Up With The Kardashians time, she's still finishing up remodeling and doing fun stuff like picking out the kinds of toilets and sinks she wants in her house. And now that her house is mostly complete, Kylie wanted to invite her friends and family over to see her progress. So in true Kardashian family fashion, Kylie decided to have a housewarming party, but she wants to do it all on her own... and the rest of her fam was not having it.

Of course, as soon as Kourtney and Kris got wind that Kylie was thinking about throwing a party, they totally wanted to take the whole thing over. And on the surface, it sounded like a really good idea to hand them the reigns, because if these people know how to do anything, it's how to throw a party. But Kylie wasted no time telling them she didn't want their help, and in Kardashian land, these are fighting words. But even though Kourtney and Kris had some really good ideas for the party — like a sushi bar and mini grilled cheese sandwiches — Kylie was totally not into it.

And even though sushi and grilled cheese is obviously a winning combination, I can't really blame Kylie for wanting to do this one on her own.

But even though Kylie told them this was her thing, Kourtney basically bulldozed her. Her intentions were good, but she just was not getting the message that Kylie wanted this to be a Grown Up Adult Thing that she did herself. Besides, Kourtney's planning water slides and Kylie wants something low key, and never, ever have water slides been low key.

In the end, Kylie's party went off without a hitch. Her food spread was super classy and looked really yummy, and just having her family there was enough. She invited everyone the day of the party to avoid everyone else's opinions, and her plan totally worked. Even Kris admitted that she did a "beautiful" job, and I'm pretty impressed, too. I couldn't have thrown a party like that at 18. I couldn't throw one like that now!

Props, Kylie. And for future reference, Kourtney should ask you for advice before her next party. Just saying!

Image: Giphy