Gwyneth Paltrow Goes Makeup-Free On Instagram

No makeup celeb selfies are the norm, I know. In 2015, it seemed like every A-lister posted a no makeup Instagram photo. But when Gwyneth Paltrow posted a makeup-free selfie, flanked by a few friends, it was super intriguing and surprising for a very specific reason. What's the big deal about the gorgeous goop-er and Oscar-winning actor ditching product and showing off her natural beauty? It's not like she hasn't gone fresh-scrubbed and bare-faced in public in the past.

Well, Paltrow just launched her organic Juice Beauty makeup and skincare collection. It's extensive and affordable, which is rare, given the fact that it is a natural range. Juice Beauty is also widely available now.

However, one would think that the mother of two would be taking every opportunity to hawk the Juice products, especially on her personal IG feed, since a more casual fan might stumble upon the brand that way.

I like the fact that Paltrow didn't get all Juice-y on her own Insta. Yes, she is the face of the brand and an investor. She was intricately involved in the creation of the products, like the plant-based foundation. She even pushed the chemists to come up with a better formula, according to one of the brand's Insta posts. So she has a deeply rooted personal and financial interest in Juice's success.

Seeing Paltrow "as is" and on her personal page, without doing so for effect or to pimp her products, pretty much ruled. I can't help but wonder if this pic is also indicative of another collabo for her. Maybe?

Paltrow is blessed in the looks department. She doesn't need to wear super heavy makeup so she doesn't... unless, of course, you consider her role as Margot in The Royal Tenenbaums, where her character rocked gobs of inky black eyeliner. Paltrow usually enhances her look with product, as opposed to going drastic or dramatic. Her makeup-free look isn't that much different from her made up look!

See! Paltrow's pin-straight, center-parted hair is her signature. She added some red lipstick and a little bit of blush to enhance her beauty.

If anything, Paltrow posting an makeup-free selfie further served as an ironic endorsement for Juice Beauty.

The products allow you to look natural and to take your beauty up a notch without allowing you to look or feel like you are wearing tons of product. Don't you just love how that works? I bet it was unintentional on Paltrow's part, as well. Still, it sent a message.

Images: Gwyneth Paltrow/Instagram (1); Juice Beauty/Instagram (2)