Gwyneth Paltrow's Juice Beauty Is Way Affordable

It's time to add a little "Juice" to your "goop." Gwyneth Paltrow's Juice Beauty line has finally landed and the organic, vegan, and eco-friendly brand is available at both Ulta and online. The products are of primo quality yet they really are quite affordable. The line is all encompassing, with a total of 78 products in the makeup and tools categories. How much are Paltrow x Juice Beauty items?

Well, they start at $20 and can cost up to $48. There truly is something for everything and there are tons of items worth trying and giving a chance to! From the Phyto-Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation, which I am most interested in, to brushes to liquid lipstick to a lip crayon, you have a lot of Juice to choose from. Juice Beauty's range is so advanced and extensive — it leaves you wanting for nothing.

Paltrow announced her partnership with Juice a year ago and while the actress is sometimes polarizing, this expansive range will certainly magnetically attract beauty mavens that prefer their products to have a conscience! The products are touted as certified organic and with clinically proven results. So you'll feel totally good while looking good if you add Juice to your beauty repertoire.

Juice Beauty is also being promoted as "clean" makeup, due to its ingredients, and there's even a Clean Beauty Challenge, which is also pretty rad. It lists off questionable ingredients that may be included in your current beauty booty and offers suggestions to swap them out.

Plant-derived! To give you an idea, the foundation is $42, while the primer is $36. Those are on the higher end of the spectrum for Juice. For comparison, the Precision Eye Pencil is $20.

So Juice Beauty's prices fall in line with prestige brands like MAC and Clinique. Paltrow investing in and backing the brand means something, since we all know her personal commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

The fact that the products are organic also justifies the price point.

They even look divine and worth it!

You can start shopping the Juice Beauty site or head to your local Ulta to test, try, and stock up.

Oh, and while I have you here, there's also a Juice Organics line, which is all about hair care.

Images: Juice Beauty/Instagram (3)