Do These 'Batman v Superman' TV Spots Spoil The Film? They Drop Some Serious Clues

From the introduction of Wonder Woman to the unmasking of Batfleck, the teaser trailers leading up to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice's March 25 release have been nothing less than exciting. However, it seems as if the clearest perspective DC Comics fans have seen so far is actually coming in the form of the newly released Batman v Superman television spot. That's right. The latest Batman v Superman television spots finally explain what the superhero battle is actually about. We not only finally learn the type of character that Ben Affleck's Batman really is, but comic-book fans also can start choosing their sides. And, personally, I'm totally leaning towards Batman's at this point.

So, what exactly do the TV spots show? Well, while one of the television spots continues to reaffirm Clark Kent's suspicions of the Bat "vigilante," the other television spot helps us see why Bruce Wayne holds anger and fear towards Superman in the first place: He's an unknown, all-powerful alien. Seems reasonable, right? With both sides of the DC Comics face-off now out on the table, I'm happy to say that I'm no longer weary of a motive-less money-making battle on the big-screen. Instead, I'm ridiculously excited. Seriously, just get a sense of Batman's perspective for yourself and form your own opinions.

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Overall, whether you're currently on Team Batman or Team Superman (move over, Iron Man and Captain America!), the battle is on. However, is it possible that now having a clearer understanding of the face-off is also giving away too much?

Obviously, Batman V Superman is a set-up for the DC Comics Justice League film already set to hit theaters in November 2017. Meaning that, yes, it seems like Batman and Superman are both going to survive and probably become best, crime-fighting, friends. Once Batman realizes that they're basically on the same side — and Superman stops looking at Batman as a harmful crazy person — all is solved. The end. But... That is my new concern for the rapidly growing DC Comics franchise. That there's nothing to really look forward to in Dawn of Justice. Could an anti-climatic, "let's hug and be friends" styled ending be the fate of the highly-anticipated film?

If you happen to be an overall superhero fan, such as myself, then what you may know is that Marvel will also be releasing their very own superhero battle on May 6, 2016. Not too long after the Batman v Superman-hype. However, what makes the Captain America vs. Iron Man face-off so intriguing is this: The makeup of the Avengers may forever change in Captain America: Civil War . One of them could die, new characters could take over, and basically the Marvel Universe is going to be taken down with them in the battle. It's less predictable. And, as of right now, Batman v Superman is giving me predictability vibes that I really wish I could shake.

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However, don't get me wrong. Come March 25, I will happily be planting myself in the movie theater with a giant bucket of popcorn and an open mind. Because, even if I feel like I can predict how it all goes down, what could be better than our favorite superheroes going head-to-head? This girl is ready for the adventure. *puts on Batman t-shirt*

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