7 Fun Things To Do During The Super Bowl

by Dacy Knight

If you're throwing a Super Bowl party this year, you know that the path to success is as easy as snacks, drinks, spirited decorations, and a big screen TV. But if you're looking for some added entertainment to ensure a great time is had by all, consider these fun things to do during the Super Bowl that everyone will enjoy no matter their level of fandom.

Before the big game is underway, set yourself up for some extra fun with these seven Super Bowl party games. While guests are getting comfortable on the couch before kickoff, get them in the game day spirit with a little NFL trivia. Place bets on game outcomes, as well as what you expect to see between the action, for some added competition. Make commercial breaks interactive with rating cards. Keep everyone busy with a game of Super Bowl bingo. At half-time, make the buffet bar the epicenter of another kind of contest with a cook-off featuring classic game day snacks. By the end of the game, your guests will have had more than their share of fun, and the party continues into overtime when you tally up who won all the bets placed at the beginning of the game.

1. Football Trivia

Get guests geared up for the game with a little playful NFL trivia. It will get everyone in the competitive spirit and break the ice if not all your guests know each other. Here's a list of fun football factoids to consider.

2. Place "Bets"

Before kickoff, have guests "place bets" on the final results of the game. Some categories to consider are who will win MVP, which player will score the most points, and what the final score will be. At the end of the game, winners can score silly football paraphernalia or take home the leftover beer.

3. Make Commercial Score Cards

After you place bets on the game results, do the same for the commercial breaks. Have guests guess how many you'll see of usual suspects of Super Bowl commercials, like cars, retired football players, people in bikinis, and beer. Then make it a team effort to tally up sightings during each commercial break. Whoever guesses the closest in all categories after the last commercial break wins.

4. Super Bowl Bingo

During the game, up the ante with a round of Super Bowl bingo. Even guests who aren't football fans will have their eyes glued to the screen. As various things occur on and off the field, have guests fill in their board until there's a winner.

Printables: Studio DIY

5. Rate The Commercials

Make even the worst of the Super Bowl commercials enjoyable with these signs that allow guests to give each one a rating.

Printables: Studio DIY

6. Have A Cook Off

Even if the party isn't completely potluck style, have willing guests bring a dish to a certain theme for a cook off during half-time. Choose a category that everyone will want to devour, like dips, hot wings, or guacamole. Then have everyone do a taste test and vote for their favorite. There can be an all-around winner, plus winners for different categories like "most indulgent," "best spicy dish," or "most on-theme presentation."

7. Piñata

If the game causes some guests to get a little heated, have them take a time out and let off some steam on this football piñata.

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