How Did The Liars Burn Sara Harvey On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Janel Parrish Offered Some Insight To The Injury

Sara Harvey has never really been the most well-liked character on Pretty Little Liars, especially after discovering her involvement on the A Team. So when it was revealed that the Liars had somehow burned Sara's hands on PLL , it was difficult to drudge up any kind of sympathy for her. (You know what they say about karma.) But that doesn't mean it hasn't made for an interesting side story throughout Pretty Little Liars Season 6B. Sure, our main focus may center around Charlotte's killer, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit Sara's "accident" or "The Jenna Thing 2.0" hasn't grabbed my attention on more than one occasion. I may not feel much (if any) sympathy for her, but I do want to get to the bottom of what happened.

While nothing concrete has been confirmed on the actual show — other than the fact that Sara's hands are definitely burned and the Liars feel somewhat responsible — Janel Parrish, who plays Mona on the series, recently took to Twitter to answer a fan's question about the circumstances surrounding Sara's mysterious injury. "She got electrocuted when they stopped the bomb in the finale," the actress explained on the social media site. "She can't use her hands." The original tweet has since been removed, but you can still view a screenshot of her response here:

Back during the Season 6A finale, we assumed that Spencer had completely defused the bomb that Sara had rigged to go off at Radley, but evidently it wasn't as simple as all that. Parrish doesn't specify how exactly she got electrocuted, but we now know for sure that the bomb was somehow involved. What if, after Emily knocked her out cold and headed to the roof, Sara awoke and tried to fix the explosives, but ended up burning herself on the chemicals or got zapped in the process?

I suppose technically the Liars could feel responsible for leaving her there, but really the damage may have been done by Sara herself. And personally, I'd much rather that be the case than the alternative — where the Liars intentionally harmed Sara in the aftermath of her unmasking. Because as much as I dislike Sara, I'd hate to see the Liars resort to such A-like tactics.

Ever since Sara walked into Charlotte's funeral, the girls have been worried that Sara would try to use what happened to her against them. If the electrocution took place while she was unconscious (due to Emily's epic right hook) then I guess they could be partially to blame, though I'm not sure how she could even begin to go about proving it to the police, especially since they're fully aware of what she did during her team-up with Charlotte. So then why are the Liars so worried?

I doubt Parrish gave us the full explanation, which means there's probably a big reveal involving this incident still to come. And if that's the case, Sara's hands might not be the only thing that gets burned this season. For more PLL theories, check out Bustle's latest podcasts below:

Image: FreeForm; prettylittleliars/Tumblr