The 'Making A Murderer' Soundtrack Adds Another Level To The Intriguing Series

After its December 2015 release on Netflix, many Making a Murderer viewers were drawn into Steven Avery's case. They likely have not only the storytelling to thank for piquing their interest, but also the show's music. The soundtrack of Making a Murderer helped set the tone for the grim true-crime series. And, while the docuseries' music hasn't been discussed as much as the details of the trial at its center, it's still been getting attention for adding another ominous layer to the series.

As with most Netflix shows, you unfortunately won't find the soundtrack available on the likes of Spotify or iTunes. You could depend on the mercy of uploads on YouTube, but they could be taken down at any time due to illegal sharing. So, your best source for most of the music from Making a Murderer is to turn to composer Kevin Kiner or Jared Forman's websites. Kiner, who is credited with creating the score in the opening credits, and Forman, who contributed to the soundtrack, have been generous enough to provide free versions to the songs they created on the music sections of their websites, where viewers can listen to 18 tracks from the Netflix series. From the hopeful "Free At Last" to the foreboding "The Junkyard," viewers can relive the docuseries by listening to all the music that was featured in it.

Although the music needs no accompaniment, that's never stopped the Internet before. Viewers can also check out these interpretations of the music and opening credits from Making a Murderer.

With The Acoustic Guitar

Evan Handyside on YouTube

YouTube artist Evan Handyside creates guitar arrangements for many instrumental songs from soundtracks. He took on the Making a Murderer opening credits song on his classical guitar. He also provides the guitar tabs for his arrangement if you want to learn to play, too.

With The Harmonica

The Harmonica Musician on YouTube

If you don't find the opening song of Making a Murderer eerie enough as it is, then you'll appreciate this version from YouTuber Ice_Ages_14_Aces, who added the harmonica to the original recording of the song. If definitely ups the creepiness.

With Game Of Thrones

Brian Mazzarella on YouTube

If you're a fan of both Making a Murderer and Game of Thrones, then you may appreciate the HBO show's opening credits song over the Netflix show's credits. Reddit users have stated that the two theme songs share similarities, so YouTuber Brian Mazzarella took on the task of showing how well Game of Thrones music works with Making a Murderer. If you'd like to see the opposite ( Game of Thrones intro with Making a Murderer music), don't worry because that also exists.

With The Walking Dead

Simon Thompson on YouTube

Like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead is another show that the Making a Murderer's credits have been compared to. Simon Thompson on YouTube mashed an early season of The Walking Dead credits with the Making a Murderer credits to show how seamlessly the two shows' openings can be integrated. Or, if you prefer, you can watch the opening of Making a Murderer set to the theme song of The Walking Dead.

With True Detective

This third TV credits mashup features the theme song from True Detective Season 1. YouTuber Alex Burpee wrote he was inspired by The Walking Dead comparisons when he created the above video.

No matter if you want to listen to the real music of Making a Murderer, variations on the soundtrack, or completely different TV themes over the show's credits, the Internet has got you covered.

Image: Netflix