Which Artists Were Too Cool For The Grammys?

As much as we loved watching the 2014 Grammys, there were a few winners that weren't present, and also, artists whose personalities and outfits are hard to miss didn't walk the red carpet. One was Miss Miley Cyrus, who promoted her Bangerz album (and her nipples) constantly last year. Even though she wasn't nominated, the "Wrecking Ball" singer let us know in a few ways that she was over it and thought that everyone involved with the Grammys was a lame-o.

On Jan. 25, Miley Cyrus performed at Clive Davis' legendary pre-Grammy party and started her set with her song, "Get It Right." When the performance wasn't met with an encore, she kinda called the crowd old (which included Metallica, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, Jane Fonda, Robin Thicke, and Rod Stewart). "I hope y'all feel better than y'all look. Maybe this song is better for this crowd," she said. She then went on to sing her godmother Dolly Parton's song Jolene, that was released in 1973. Well then! Don't these legends know good music when they hear it?

Cyrus further reminded everything that she was too cool for school when she tweeted a photo she later deleted with a caption that said, "photo from my performance this evening.."

And later decided to show one iota of enthusiasm when she tweeted:

Adele won her Grammy for Best Song for Visual Media in her pajamas:

It always seems like Rihanna is up to something way more exciting and sexy than the rest of the population, so I'm not surprised the "What Now" singer didn't show up to collect her Grammy award:

Justin Timberlake wasn't at the Grammys, but won an award and re-tweeted out a response to show us that he is alive somewhere:

Kelly Clarkson currently has a case of the babies, and stayed at home. However, that didn't stop her from expressing pregnancy envy toward Ciara and supporting her fellow artists from her couch with humorous tweets:

But where was Lady Gaga? Drake? Britney Spears? Mariah Carey? Jennifer Lopez? Nicki Minaj? All were silent on the social media frontier and the Grammys felt empty and wrong without their presence. And Kanye West...well, we can guess that wherever he was, he may have been pouting for being snubbed, as he's apt to do.

You can watch Cyrus' performance of Jolene below:

Images: Giphy; KellyClarkson/Justin Timberlake/Miley Cyrus/Adele/Rihanna Twitter