J.K. Rowling Fires Back At Donald Trump's Aide After Offensive Tweet

In case you needed any more proof that J.K. Rowling owns Twitter as much as she does the bestseller list, the Harry Potter author has again shut down offensive tweets. J.K. Rowling fired back at Donald Trump's campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson, after coming across an offensive statement she made during a 2012 CNN debate. Pierson's tweet referenced both Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama's respective Mexican and African heritage, lamenting the lack of "pure breeds."

Potterheads will quickly notice the already insanely offensive term "pure breeds" as a close parallel to Rowling's Harry Potter lingo "pure bloods," meaning any witch or wizard descended from two witch or wizard parents, thus having "pure" magical blood. If you haven't re-read the Harry Potter series in awhile, remember that blood status leads to prejudice against "half-breeds" or anyone with Muggle ancestry. Our beloved Hermione Granger, among others, was given the highly derisive name "mudblood," for being Muggle-born. The term insinuates that non-pure bloods are lesser or dirty, when in fact, as Hermione showed us, they are some of the most talented witches in wizards in Hogwarts.

Rowling, as well as most of the rest of thinking humanity, was offended by Trump's aide's tweet, and she shot back with her own Harry Potter-inspired comparison.

As usual, point J.K. Rowling. Death Eaters in the Harry Potter universe are the followers of Lord Voldemort. And after already saying that Trump is worse than Voldemort, it seems Rowling's comparison is apt.