These "We Don't Talk Anymore" Lyrics Will Resonate With Anyone Who's Gone Through A Breakup

There's a reason that breakups are called breakups: they can make you feel pretty broken, at least for some time. Perhaps no one knows this better than Selena Gomez, who has split from and gotten back together with Justin Bieber on a few different occasions. It's no wonder, then, that Gomez collaborated with Charlie Puth on his new breakup track "We Don't Talk Anymore."

According to Puth's interview with Access Hollywood, it was Gomez who offered up her vocals after her pal played the tune for her, so it's possible that maybe, just maybe, she understands what this song is all about. The track, which Puth told MTV News was inspired by a friend's rough breakup, is about two people dealing with the aftermath of their romantic split. Both miss talking to their former paramour, but can't do much about it because, as the song states, they simply don't talk anymore. Talk about relatable feels.

Unless you have been able to cultivate ridiculously great relations with your exes, you can likely relate to the moment when you and your former love have ceased communication — or at least stopped talking in the same way that you guys used to. Things can get particularly rough when your former significant other has a brand new bae in the picture, which is what Puth sings about in his verse:

Don't wanna knowWhat kind of dress you're wearing tonightIf he's holding onto you so tightThe way I did beforeI overdosedShould've known your love was a gameNow I can't get you out of my brain

Gomez doesn't get off any easier in her verse, because now she has to watch her former guy hold onto a new girl when she still can't get him out of her head:

Don't wanna knowIf you're looking into her eyesIf she's holding onto you so tight the way I did before

And, once again, Gomez totally guts us with her breakup truth.

The chorus reiterates the struggles of the end of communication between you and your ex-partner:

(Oh it's such a shame) that we don't talk anymoreWe don't talk anymoreWe don't talk anymoreLike we used to do

Because, as the song goes, when the lines of communication are down, so is the romance:

We don't love anymoreWhat was all of it for?Ohh, we don't talk anymoreLike we used to do

"We Don't Talk Anymore" is a reminder of something that we all know: breakups suck. Now we just have to wait for a truly tragic music video to make us start ugly crying. For now, you can check out the lyric video and hopefully not have horrible flashbacks to your last bad breakup:

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